It’s your child first birthday next month and you haven’t planned anything yet! Or its your baby’s christening next week, but you don’t have time to manage anything especially with the new born baby around!! Or is it a school even that you are planning to organize and have no idea how to go ahead with it!

If you are dealing with any of the above mentioned situation or anything else that is related to organizing a party for little ones, here are the answers to all your questions and solutions that will help you to sort out things very smoothly.

Exciting planning Ideas for kids’ party:

Look for interesting themes: A themed party is always a big hit. And the list of themes is unending. From super heroes to Barbie dolls, from cartoon characters to nature based themes, from robots to dinosaurs theme, you can choose anything that you kids love.

Make it a lively evening: Kids love balloons. So irrespective of what the theme is, arrange for numerous balloons. In fact these days you can find balloons for suit the occasion and even different themes. So go for one that is a perfect match for the theme.

kids party

Think about a magic show: Kids love magic shows. The minute they hear about magician, they forget the rest of the world. So arrange for a good and child friendly magic show.

How about entertainers: You can also engage entertainers like a Party Clown to add to entertaining the kids. This way, you can also have a relaxed time with the guests.

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How about a Tattoo artist: From grownups to even kids, everyone loves tattoos. Look for a temporary tattoo artist who can get tattoos of kids favourite cartoon characters.

Arrange for dances: Dance is always an important part of an party, be it for youngsters or be it even for kids. Everyone loves to dance. And kids enjoy it a little more. So arrange for good dance numbers and play it during the party, so kids can have some real fun.

Number of names: Games is an unforgettable part of kids’ party. You can’t have a successful party without games. So set up some interesting games that can involve all the kids and there can be winner in the end.

Don’t forget about the winner’s gifts or prizes: Winning a game is not complete unless kids get a prize for it. So don’t forget about some prize for winners. It could be anything a school supply or a small toy that they can show to their other friends. Return gifts: When kids will come for your child’s party with gifts, how can you send them back, without a return gift? So buy some fascinating return gifts in advance. Like funky big glasses, bubble gun or even school stationery would sound good.

Keep the party kids friendly as it is a kid’s party. Involve them in all the aspects and think from a point of view of a child but don’t forget the responsibilities as a parent.