Live Screen Printing: What Is It and Why Is It Beneficial

When you hear “live screen printing” for the first time, you may automatically associate it with shirts and prints. This much is true, however, the concept holds more wonders than this basic assumption. In fact, live screen printing as a concept is an untapped resource for companies that may hold more benefits than the regular businessman can imagine.

Bizzabo numbers reveal that a lot of marketers look at events as an untapped resource. In fact, 31-percent of marketers interviewed believe events are more effective than content marketing, email marketing, and digital advertising for their company. If you want to get into using events as a potential source for customers and revenue, consider using live screen printing as a way to attract consumers. Here’s a few basic facts about the concept:

The Ins and Outs 

Live screen printing speaks for itself – it’s a screen printing service that does printing for you live. These services normally come in teams that come to your event ready to print designs to shirts live for your employees and even your customers.

  • Live screen printing services normally coordinate with you and your staff on the kind of event you’re organizing. They may ask for the expected attendance, time, and date of the event for reservations.
  • These services can sometimes rely on designs you give them, or even collaborate with you to make unique designs that are unique to you and the event you’re planning.
  • Costs of services for live screen printing often include their own booth, complete with their equipment. This saves you the hassle of actually hiring equipment supplies for them. This is also convenient for the live screen printing service as they use equipment they’re comfortable with.
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The Benefits of Live Screen Printing

Having a live screen printing booth in your event can consume space, yes, but the memories it will bring your customers and staff can be something they’ll keep forever. Benefits of live screen printing revolve around making your event extra memorable with customizable items.

  • Live screen printing services can save a lot of money, logistically-speaking. This is because the service brings an estimated number of shirts based on event attendees, with a variety of sizes that can be specified if you have a complete guest list.
  • You can save money as live screen printing services print shirts based on demand. As such, you don’t have to spend a lot of money printing shirts by bulk and ending up with a lot of unsold merchandise.
  • You can provide a unique and creative take on an event as attendees can even select colors and sizes of their shirt. As such, you provide them with a choice that can make an event memorable for them.


Live screen printing as a concept appears to be simple at first glance, but it’s out of this “simplicity” that you can tap it as a resource when it comes to establishing brand appeal. Proper usage of live screen printing in events can make your brand appealing and unforgettable to your audiences, and you may reap more benefits as a result.

Bruce Weller

Bruce Weller is a writer contributing for Rival Events. As a writer, he knows it can be difficult for others to understand some subject matters without a helping hand, and he seeks to aid his readers by making sure his pieces are informative and easy to understand. He paints during his free time.