One of the best movie in 2016: UDTA PUNJAB

In the most recent times, there has been an emergence of new films in various genres that are making their way into the Bollywood screens. Films such as houseful three, teen and udta Punjab have made huge progress in the industry. Many viewers have turned to Bollywood movie review to express their gratitude for new and classic products coming out of the industry._000bea7e-052b-11e6-b721-c78c25b321e6

In one of the Bollywood movie review, UDTA PUDJAB has been filmed along the India-Pakistan border. It showcases a scene where a man is seen throwing drugs from Pakistan to the Indian side. It is a form of lifestyle that is adapted to Shahid Kapoor who in this case acts with the stage name of Gabru Singh. It is a scene that has sparked reactions in the Bollywood movie review as drug abuse, and flashy lifestyle would lead to further implications to the society. Despite all that, the film goes ahead to showcase conflicts between Gabru Singh and the fellow film producers at the scene. During one of his birthday parties, Bollywood movie review indicates that police had arrested him in a case amounting from drug abuse.

In the same movie scene, another spectacular actor Mary Jane (Alia Bhatt), happens to move to Punjab. She is a successful hockey player but as life happens, lacked financial support to pursue her career. It came to realization by Bollywood movie review that she had to move into being a laborer, to make the movie interesting, giving it the suspense of what would happen in future. It is then that she one time comes across a container filled with drugs, three-kilo grams for that matter. It becomes scornful when she dumps the drugs into running water as drug peddlers in the street were watching her. Bollywood movie review indicates that she is later raped and attempts to try and escape remain skeptical.

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It is after that scene that one of the doctors in town (Kareena Kapoor Khan), realizes that people are being diagnosed with conditions that might be amounting to drug abuse. Bollywood movie review accredits his efforts of leading a crusade against drug abuse an effort that has helped expose various drug mafias operating in the locals. It is a scene that showcases various main characters in the movie to cross each other’s part in a bid to protect one’s interests. It is at this point that Gabru Singh works very hard to maintain his character and fame in the society. Picky Kumari is also on a course of finding refuge from the wrath of the drug peddlers. It, therefore, becomes a show of might and power between the two actors, the doctor and Inspector Sartaj Singh, who is the police inspector in town.

Bollywood movie review acknowledges the type of fiction that the movie tries to showcase and the reality happening in both Indian and Pakistan societies. The whole of the movie is interesting, but critics suggest that the movie would have been edited to favor audiences that are not familiar with Punjab language. Best Bollywood movies review for the Punjab movie suggests that the film would have succeeded better in bounds if it would have been shortened to the normal length of other movies. It is a classical movie that Bollywood movie review recognizes as being one of the most developed films in the industry. It moved from the traditional movie production scenery to a whole new level of production.