Magnificent Places to Visit from Delhi for a Weekend Getaway

Jama Masjid

One day tours from Delhi for weekend getaways work as quick breather from the hectic schedules of metropolitan city life. The capital city of India, Delhi, has the entire wealth of historical sites, monuments, entertainment avenues to make it a perfect tourist destination. If you stay in Delhi and want to break free from the city life during your weekends, you can take up one day trips from Delhi. For a single day trips, there are a lot many options. The list of one day tours from Delhi will give you enough excuse to explore the places located nearby. To enjoy the flavor of rich cultural and architectural heritage of India, you cannot miss out on them.

The Golden Triangular Tours

For the best circuit tours in the northern region of India, one cannot miss out on The Golden Triangular that include a visit to the three most thriving and captivating cities. They are Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, making three vertexes of this Golden Triangular Tours. All the mentioned cities are just a few kilometers from one another. Each city unleashes the grandeur and displays the magnificence of art and architecture, history and splendor. For a perfect weekend getaway, visit Jaipur and Agra to have a lifetime traveling experience. The UNESCO Heritage Sites in Agra are sure to mesmerize you while Jaipur will impress you with its scintillating and colorful bazaars, grand palaces and buildings. It takes 3 hours and 15 minutes drive to reach Agra from Delhi.

Visit the holy destination Vrindavan

The very interesting and religious place, Vrindavan, cannot be missed out. If you are looking for one day tour from Delhi, visit Vrindavan which is 142 kilometers from Delhi. The holy destination is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. You will take 2 hours to visit it by car or train from Delhi. Here you will witness mythological structures like Mirabai Temple, Iskon Temple, Radha Raman Temple, Gokulnanda Temple.

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Bird Spotting in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

This is the most popular bird sanctuaries in the entire India visited by thousands. Situated just 182kms from Delhi, the sanctuary is your best choice if you want to escape Delhi for one day. The bird lover’s paradise gives you an opportunity to view even the rarest species of birds. View Siberian Crane here and migratory birds, indigenous birds.

The very elegant Neemarana Fort Palace

Located just 122 kms from Delhi, Neemrana Fort is the best resort situated on Delhi-Jaipur Highway. The 15th century resort gives you a chance to enjoy the Indian history. Find swimming pools, hanging gardens, spa and ayurvedic center here.

Mouth-watering delicacies in Murthal

When it comes to taking a single day trip from Delhi, Murthal is the favorite of everyone. Enjoy buttery ‘parathas’, mouth-watering traditional Indian food served in huge thalis. There are roadside ‘dhabas’ in Murthal, serving lip-smacking food.

Delhi one day tour offers a rejuvenating break which is immensely needed after the hectic schedule. In order to break the monotony of the city life and to explore the fascinating destinations, you can head for short journeys.

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