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Why all living Rooms Should have a Designer Radiator

living rooms should have a designer radiator

Radiator design has come into its own. Gone are the days when homes were heated by white horizontal radiators with no personality; now, homeowners have a huge choice of styles, colours, materials, shapes and sizes from an array of inventive designers that can have a fabulous impact on your living room.

living rooms should have a designer radiator

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Creating that touch of style is not just the reserve of choosing the most suitable sofa or the picture-perfect print, as you can now add that touch of flair by choosing sleek and stylish designer radiators.

Let’s take a look at your options when deciding which radiator will suit your living room.

Keep it green

We are not talking colour; instead, if you care about the environment, this one could be for you. A luxury glass designer radiator made solely from recycled materials is available from specialists such as 100 per cent environmentally friendly, these radiators come in a wide range of beautiful designs and colours that will not only keep your living room warm but also look wonderful all year round! Add in a mirror glass finish and not only will your room look bigger but also brighter. If you go for an electric version, you can enjoy touchscreen control, a seven-day timer and thermostatic sensors as standard.

living rooms should have a designer radiator

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Lie low

Do you think radiators have to be horizontal? Think again, as you can now heat your living room with a vertical one! Made from aluminium, which heats up much faster than traditional stainless steel and is an excellent heat conductor, these sleek radiators are popular and increase the illusion of space in your home.

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Stand alone

If traditional charm and period living is your thing, look into an English original radiator reminiscent of the Victorian era. With excellent heat outputs, these radiators add a touch of nostalgic glamour; in addition, with fuel costs rising, they provide good value for money.

Here’s to the future

For style and functionality, check out freestanding radiators, which can take centre stage in any large living space.

Radiators can double up as a feature in your living room. Whether stylish or space saving, traditional or contemporary, striking or nostalgic, there is a huge amount of choice for today’s homes. Which style will you choose to combine warmth and elegance for happy heating


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