Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is making a huge comeback when it comes to flooring choices. Here are some reasons why you should consider it as a flooring solution in your own home.

Vinyl Flooring

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Resistance to Water

Due to the fact that it is waterproof, it can be used in rooms that are subjected to spills and moisture like bathrooms, washing rooms and kitchens.

Wide Variety to Choose From

Whether you are looking for grey laminate flooring or designs that appear very natural and resemble wood or stone, you are bound to find almost anything you desires. With vinyl panels you are not subjected to the usual problems that come with wooden planks and stone floors.

Fast and Simple to Install

Once you have a smooth surface, laying the pieces of vinyl boils down to a matter of slotting the pieces together. Most types come with a sticky backing that gets peeled off. An uneven surface will show every single imperfection through the vinyl, so make sure its very smooth before you start.

Vinyl Flooring

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With its lifespan of between ten and twenty years, you will find that it is a very durable choice. If you choose a good-quality vinyl with a wear layer from suppliers like, you are bound to keep the vinyl looking great if you maintain it properly.

Easy to Clean

To keep your floor surface looking clean and hygienic, you simply need to sweep, vacuum and clean with moist mop. Only use cleaning solutions that are suitable for vinyl flooring.

With allergies in children becoming more and more prevalent, parents are choosing not to carpet their homes. The NHS suggests that vinyl flooring is chosen over carpeting because it does not trap dust mites.

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The hygiene factor has made vinyl flooring the obvious choice over the decades when it came to facilities in the medical field.

Comfort Factor

The great news is that even during the colder times of the year, vinyl does not get cold. The spring that you feel comes from the bounce provided by the make-up of the vinyl and can be enhanced with an added underlay. This will ensure better soundproofing, improve insulation and help keep mould at bay.

Vinyl flooring is now more than ever a modern and sensible flooring choice that can be fashionable and stylish in any home or apartment.


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