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Today the fastest sport and that needs lot more stamina is the badminton game and there is no doubt that this game it having lot more entertaining and even the kids catches this game very easily but playing this game requires lot of stamina and skills. But it is also very much fact that skills and stamina will work if you are having the perfect badminton racquets because without the proper racquet you are not able to show your skills and not able to win the game and that is why it becomes important for the badminton player to select the perfect and best racquet that can make the game entertaining as well as you are able to win. If you logon to the internet than you will find that there are numerous of websites that are very much providing the sports accessories and products.


But if you are in the search of right kind of racquets then you must visit the right place on the internet where you are able to have the right choice of racquets. In the racquets the things that you have to see are the grip, strings and the weight of the racquet. There are many models that are very much unique and good for playing this game. If you are taking for the home and play with your family then you must buy the full set in which all the grips, strings, bags and perfect shoes for this game are coming and doing this you will be having discount also. There are many brands that are offering the discount options and there are very reliable sites that are offering to sign up with them and have the coupon offers that are very much for the discount. Here are few of the top models of these badminton racquets:

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  • ASICS GEL BLADE 4: this model is having very light weight and easy to move in the air and helps in reaching the shuttle cork very fast. You are having the offer of getting the bag free with this model. You are having three different colors and the colors are black, shining steel and light white color.
  • Asics Gel Blade 5: This product is slightly heavier than of the above mentioned model but it is also very much used by the famous Chinese players and this will be helping you for reaching the shuttle soon and you are Able To doge the opponent easily because the body structure that this product of racquet is having is different from other models and here you are having a very good offer of getting the pair of shoes free.
  • ASICS GEL ROCKET: This is also light weighed product and you are getting the offer of free bag along with all the kits that you buy.
  • Black Knight RAD: another good option that has the offer of free women shoes and this model is specially designed for the women.
  • Monster: is another and very much durable product and this will be coming with the kit that is the grip, strings, and shoes.


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