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Just like you want a great hire for the company, the hire wants a great company to work in too. And, just like you judge the candidates on the basis of the interview, they judge you and the company too. If we go by some stats, 15% of candidates put more effort into the job when they have had a positive interview experience.

Consider yourself a great interviewer? Need some tips to improve the interview? This is the blog for you. You may use recruitment management software for managing your recruitment process, it can’t handle the interview. Here we tell you the most common interviewing mistakes. Check for yourself, we hope you aren’t making any of these. Even if you are, relax, we have also mentioned the ways to avoid them. Take a look.

  • You are making the candidates wait-

Respect the time of the candidate. If the candidate is already working somewhere, you must start and end the interview in the time duration, you both mutually agreed upon. Making the candidates will reduce the zeal they came with for the interview. This will impact their performance in the interview, they may also leave the interview in between or decide in advance that they won’t be joining the company.

Use recruitment management software to set timings for the interview of each candidate to avoid the hassle.

  • You get over friendly-
    Some interviewers, especially the novice ones, end up getting a bit personal by deviating from the professional questions. You may be asking such questions to make the interviewer more comfortable but it may make them uncomfortable. So, remember to not to cross the fine line. Ask interviewee the questions that are related to the skills required for the job. Appearance, age, gender, lifestyle must not make it to your interview questions. Moreover, you should also not ask questions related to ones religion, political matters, etc.
  • You are not a good listener-
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Some interviewers have a habit of speaking a lot. Up to an extent where they don’t let the interviewee finish his dialogue. An interviewee has probably spent a lot of time preparing for the interview and that is why he must be heard. You should let the candidate complete, ask a follow-up question, let him answer and then repeat the process.

  • You get brutally honest-

How will you feel when some stranger will come to you and tell you something very negative about you? Not good at all. Candidates also feel the same, when they are told face to face that they are not worthy enough for the job position. It is okay to keep them in dark for a little while till the time they have left for the day. Don’t make it evident in front of the candidate that they will not be considered in the mid of the interview. Conduct the interview properly, take notes and don’t end the conversation abruptly.

However, if a candidate insists for feedback, make sure you give him feedback in the rejection letter. Also, read the letter before sending to make sure you have used the right words.

Make no excuses and never repeat these mistakes again. They don’t just spoil your impression but of the company as well. To manage your tasks you can use HRMS software.

Happy interviewing!

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