5 Coolest Stationery Everyone Should Have

Who doesn’t need stationery? Even in this world of computers and mobiles, the touch of paper, the personalized letter, the favourite pen are still close to our hearts. Especially for all the stationery sommeliers out there, finding new and cool stuff is a feeling indescribable. If there’s one thing a creative loves to get right, it’s their humble desk. The work zone they call home really must be inspiring, comforting and productive – but without losing that essential sense of style.From desk organizers and notebooks to the latest gadgets and gizmos, we’ve got some real beauties to share.

So, here are 5 coolest stationery that everyone should have –

1. Sushi Erasers


Everyone needs erasers.Bring the Japanese art of cuisine to your desk with this adorable set of Sushi Erasers served beautifully on a four inch tray. Made of non-toxic, lead-free safe materials, you’ll love using these little beauties to correct your notes and sketches. There are so many cool designs available in erasers that you can choose from a barbie eraser to a car. If you can’t bring yourself to use these awesome erasers than you can keep them as your desk ornament.

2. Shredder Scissors


The fact of the matter is that most documents are now stored virtually and the ones we do print tend to be the really important stuff we need to keep. All the rest usually does not need to be shred in it’s entirety and that’s what makes these scissors so magical. Just cut through areas of documents that are private and recycle the rest. No scary, finger eating electric blades involved.

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3. Cool sticky notes


Not the most practical, fun people shaped sticky notes are amazing. They are kind of like an emoji in physical form. Plus you can draw on the expression that you are feeling without having to scroll through the list of set options. Sticky notes of different shapes and sizes make working so much fun and colorful.

4. Pen drives


These little storage devices are so necessary for transfer of information and entertainment. They are an inevitable part of us but most pen drives people posses are drab and boring. There are promotional pen drives in India are drives available of late that you can buy. Like this camera shaped pen drive which will make the other person wonder how a camera can be so small.

5. Animal Paper Clips


If you’ve been on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen these little paper clips. Again, not the most practical, but how can you not smile when you see these in your drawer? They also make fun gifts as something silly you may never buy for yourself, but would brighten up a friend’s day at the office.

So, this is the stationery that can make your life go from drab to fab with so many colors and uses.

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