Are you Looking for a Playful and Entertaining Weekend?

It’s not always the critics and teachers from whom you can learn in your life. Every person and every moment of life teaches something. Resorts around Bangalore are no exception to this fact. It is the destination that people prefer to choose these days as its economical and hassle free. Yes! You can say instant dose of entertainment. Usually happiness in life revolves around satisfaction and the happy moments of life.


Happiness is heart felt when a person gets more than his expectations. This is what you get at hotels in Nandi hills Bangalore. These hotels are laced with all the amenities that look forward to. Starting right from comfortable stay to easy mobility to surrounding area is what you get at these resorts. Your comfortable stay is looked after with excellent tents and cottages where you can relax and rest after a day full of entertaining activities. The cherry picked theme of tents and cottages truly reflect forest life. Its the outside view that gives an impression of a jungle whereas it is loaded with all comforts of modern life.

Situated in Nandi Hills, resorts welcome you with lush green surroundings. It’s always an unforgettable experience watching rare species of birds. Natural beauty is at its best during dawn and dusk time. Painting painted by God at that time is beyond expression. People usually love to walk down green pathways during Sun set and sun rise. These few minutes scenic view leaves unforgettable memories in mind, The memories that you cherish later on. You will love to get selfies clicked at several backgrounds.

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Apart from nature, its delightful activities that are specially created for visitors. People of all age groups can enjoy them and make their visit worth mesmerizing. Activities like rappelling, trekking, Paragliding is a treat for adventure lovers, whereas Zorbing makes your dream of walking on water come true.Team adventure Bangalore takes care of each and every activity and all the happenings are performed with the guidance of experts. Safety is the great matter of concern at these resorts

There are indoor and outdoor games as well. There is a huge swimming pool to help you swim like a fish. There are creative games as well that helps in enhancing the soft skills, leadership and communication is another skill that you can acquire at these resorts.  There are different packages available for you. You can select half day, full day or overnight getaway packages that suits your time.

The food that is served at the resort is cooked from fresh fruits and vegetables, thus providing mouthwatering experience to the local cuisine. The taste of the food is another valid reason that stands true for one time visit to these resorts. So next time when you are Bangalore resorts at Nandi Hills don’t forget to visit nearby temples.