Buying Sublimation Cases in Bulk can be a Great Business Idea

Buying sublimation cases

The demand for personalized mobile phone cases is at a record level right now, with new smartphone models released every few weeks. At the same time, end users tend to be aware of the need to protect their expensive devices and typically change cases far more often than their phones. Those two factors together create a favorable environment for phone case retailers who are flexible enough to keep pace with new releases. Smart entrepreneurs are recognizing this opportunity, but they also need capable partners on the supply side in order to make the numbers work and turn out a profit.

Buying sublimation cases

Fortunately, companies like MT3 are capable of providing adequate support in this regard. Equipped with state-of-the-art sublimation printing machines, this manufacturer can meet orders of any magnitude with ease and deliver blank mobile cases in bulk anywhere in the world. To make things even better, price per unit drops as the quantity increases, so ambitious sellers of phone accessories can benefit from making large orders in regular intervals. MT3 can also include any chosen logo on the cases, allowing customer-facing businesses to promote their brand and build loyalty without going over budget.

Sublimation is a more reliable technique than heat-pressed printing, since in this process the dyes are fused with the base material. In effect, printed images are far more resistant to wear and tear, so the case will look just as great even after months of daily use.  Mt3 is specialized for sublimation printing and delivers only high-quality cases that can last for a long time. All major manufacturers are supported, while cases for new models are released immediately after the dimensions of the new phone are announced. This allows our retail partners to stay a step ahead of the market and be prepared for the periods when the demand intensifies.

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Financial advantages of purchasing phone blank cases in bulk are simply too large to ignore, especially when you are ordering from a proven manufacturer like mt3. This is true for retailers in any location, since MT3 has a sophisticated worldwide delivery system that significantly decreases shipping costs. The retailer’s job is only to take care of the sales and collect the profits – the supply side is handled entirely by the manufacturer. In this way, it is possible to set up a sustainable business model and expand into new markets very quickly.

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