PHP is an open source server side scripting language that is majorly used for website development and customization. It is an essential and basic programming language that is widely executed along with embedment of other hypertext languages. It is indeed the most popular scripting language with code executed on the server.

For a professional looking and responsive website, it is important to hire experts in PHP. The experts must have knowledge and the right technical skills for developing the website. The PHP programs basically allow the web developers to designed and create dynamic content with database integration.

1) Knowledge of MySQL Database server

MySQL database server is an open source database management system. The programming language is developed for querying the data from the database. Implementation of the MySQL coding along with PHP is important for developing a highly customized website with comprehensive associated tools, applications and features.

The offshore PHP web development must have an expertise in preparing the codes and its correct integration. In short for development of a website, you need a PHP configured web server along with the MySQL database server which helps in efficient running of the portal.

2) Using the latest PHP version

The PHP versions are upgraded at regular intervals to integrate better features and applications. As a technical expert in PHP, it is integral to use PHP5.2 version or above. There are number of features that are a part of the latest version opening up number of options.

The higher versions of the PHP generally has greater image handling library, regular expression support and ability to reduce or compress transferred data through Zlib compression. There are also ways to get higher traffic through integration of the eAccelerator or Zend Optimizer 3.0 in the PHP based website.


HTML is a basic markup language which is used for coding and programming. It is used for creating the web pages through the use of the codes. As an expert PHP developer, it is important to have skills in HTML to create customized web pages as per requirement.

This helps in better and more efficient client server scripting. The codes that are used in HTML are basics that one must have an expertise in. As professional offshore PHP development India, it is not enough just to know writing PHP codes but also in HTML language.

4) CSS

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is another style sheet language that is required for designing visually appealing websites. It is necessary in order to add elements like fonts, colors, spacing etc. in the web pages. It helps in including the layouts and makes the website presentable.

The custom PHP web development professionals must have a good knowledge about CSS to feed in good graphics and style the page. This is an integral part of the coding along with the PHP as it helps in making the web pages visibly more appealing and attractive to the audience.

5) Security of the site 

The security is one of the most important aspects to considering while considering the technical skills of the developer. The developer must be an expert in incorporating features that protects the website. They should be able to stop the database injection attack for proper functioning of the web without errors.

XSS attacks are delirious to the website and they must be checked for and stopped. In order to master PHP and ensure that the site is properly developed, the database and system file must be secured and safe. One must possess technical skills and expertise in stopping the XSS attacks.

6) Understanding debugging and its implementation

Debugging is a process by which any sort of coding error can be fixed and taken care of. While developing the website using the codes, it is prone to errors and it needs to be fixed appropriately. Debugging can be fixed only when the developer has technical skills to fix it.

Debugging is a way to smoothly manage the website with minimization of the errors. An expert PHP developer should know how to go about fixing the error code to finding a resolution for the problem. It is important to know the location of the error log file for fixing the same.

PHP is a server client language and the codes are used for designing the web pages. However writing the codes simply in PHP is not enough and one needs to be prolific in even HTML, CSS and JavaScript for better integration of web elements, application and comprehensive functioning.

The technical expertise in PHP framework and programming language can be only achieved with experience. The professional must be aware of all the latest updates and accordingly implement the same for development. It is important to understanding the right way of mixing PHP along with other client servicing codes and languages.

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