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Creating A Table Of Content In WordPress Posts And Pages

As a website owner or developer, the User Experience should be very important to you. Even, it may be tough to understand whether you’ve covered all of your bases, and what you should incorporate.

Have you ever tried to add a table of the content box like Wikipedia in your blog article? The table contents make it easy for users to jump into that section, which they want to read. in the given article we will illustrate you how to create a table of content in WordPress posts without HTML.

Reason Of Adding Table Of Contents In WordPress Posts

Hope some time the table of contents like Wikipedia has been seen by you. The table of contents makes easier for users to jump the section they like to read in a long article.

It is also very helpful with your WordPress SEO because Google itself adds a jump to section link next to your site in the search results.

A table of content can be created by you in WordPress by writing HTML code. Sometime it is difficult for beginners because you have to manually create a list, add links and also add ID attribute throughout the article.

We are going to talk about an easy way to create a table of content in WordPress pages and Posts.

Creation of table of content in WordPress

To create a table of content in WordPress firstly you have to install and activate the Easy Table Of Content Plugin. After activation you have to visit Settings and then Table of contents page. You can manage general setting for the table of contents from here.

It is also possible to enable and disable auto-insertion of the table of content for each post type. After enabling, a table of contents for any article that has more than 4 headings will automatically added by the plugin. It can be changed by any other number according to you.

But it is not necessary to add a table of content on every article unless your article is really long.

After that, you have to scroll down to change the appearance of the table of content box. You can perform all these activities from here. like, adjust width and height, font size setting, custom color scheme creation, theme selection.  

Now you have to go to the advanced setting section. For most websites, the default options would work. If you want to adjust anything you can review these options to see.

To save this setting don’t forget to save this.

Addition of table of content in WordPress Page

After disabling the auto-insertion, the plugin will automatically start adding a table of contents to posts which is base on settings you choose earlier. Setting can be managed on basis of post.

A new section will be noticed by you in a new section to add and manage the table of contents for your post.

In this section, you can disable auto-inserting options, you can also define which title level use for the table items.

Once an article with multiple headings is written by you, simply you can preview it to see the table of contents in action.

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Importance of UI/UX Design Services in Mobile App Development

The mobile application is the core of any business, it helps in gaining more customer visibility and hence business growth. There is a lot of Mobile Application Development Company that provides a number of user-friendly mobile interfaces. This boom has provided a number of applications in the app store. It is also evident that the ratio of mobile users is comparatively higher than desktop users, now consumers do not browse the product on the desktop rather use the easy method of mobile browsing. And with even more prominent internet stability, better loading time and high speed the mobile browsing has increased tremendously.

The app store is flooded with millions of apps on various platforms; the statistic contains data that shows that by the first quarter of 2018 there is around 3.8 million number of Android app in the google play store which is constantly increasing. Similarly, the number of apps for iOS users is 2 million. Thus to get ahead in the competition you need to build a mobile application that distinguishes itself from other in line. A mobile application that is user-friendly and within the budget is a sure shot for gaining good customer visibility and thus business growth.

A mobile application development company in USA, India, and any other Asia-Europe countries that focus on customer friendly UI/UX design services is surely a king in the app manufacturing industry.  According to the statistics, there are hundreds of apps that are linked daily on the play store, thus it is required to stay ahead of them with the design services. Mobile UI/UX developer will modify your mobile app in a way that it will surely mark an impression on user mind.

UI(User Interface) design service: UI design services look after the manner with which the application interacts with the user. Its prime goal is to provide an interface which makes the interaction friendly, easy, enjoyable and effective.

UX(User Experience) design service: The User experience services define the process to enhance the user satisfaction with the application so that the user do not deactivate the app and partner with the competitor.

UI/UX design services: Making mobile app successful

With the plethora of mobile application in the play-store that defines the same function as you, the designing will surely play an important role that will set you apart. The Smartphone users prefer a captivating app that is easy to operate rather than an application that is full of functionality but dull. Seeing the customer trend, a mobile application development company should always prefer designing that provide enchanting visual appeal and easy navigation.

Conclusion: Mobile app are a success factor in any business, it helps in more business reach with high customer visibility. But the trend shows that there are a huge number of apps that are already providing the same functionality as you thus to reach ahead, you need to provide better customer engagement. The solution for this is the UI/UX design services USA that will provide you better customer interface, usability and retention power to beat this competition with the success of your mobile app.

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How to Choose a WordPress Theme?

WordPress is a free open source CMS (Content Management System), which is developed with the help of a server-side programming language PHP in 2003 by two brilliant programmers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress is the easiest way to create a blog or a website for any purpose. Such as a business website, a personal blog, etc. can be easily build up and managed with WordPress rather than other available CMS. Individuals like to prefer this web development platform, for the development and creation of a trendy looking, and error-free websites, due to its easy and adaptable nature. Still, many users get stuck in the main section of WordPress, which is its theme.

When to develop a website using WordPress, the most interesting, crucial, and confusing part is to select a perfect theme. Let’s first discuss that what is WordPress themes, and then how to choose a theme?

What is WordPress Themes?

A theme is a collection of stylish and designer templates which are powered by WordPress and are used to give an alluring look and feel to a blog or a website. These themes are very flexible, this is why they can be customized and managed through the admin panel of WordPress under its Appearance section of the dashboard. In WordPress directory, there is a collection of a wide range of themes which are relevant to every business sector like Photography, Medicare, product display based and much more. From the whole collection of themes, there are both type of theme available in the directory Paid and Free themes as well.

Each theme completely differs from one another, as every single theme has their own structure, design and functionality. Due to the broad library of WordPress themes, choosing a perfect and best theme is a quite difficult task for WordPress users and developers. Before to select a theme a user has to keep in mind so many things such as the category of the theme that means, a theme must be niche with the users business or product, theme’s browser compatibility, it is responsive or not, it is SEO friendly or not.

To heal this confusion, here are all the required details about how to choose a WordPress theme. Let’s discuss about all the main factors which are helpful to select a perfect WordPress theme.

  • Mobile friendly of Responsive

A theme must be responsive. Here responsive or mobile friendly themes are referred to its layout and design structure must be fit and adjustable on each every screen size of gadgets like mobiles, tablets, desktops etc. Over a past decade, it has been observed that a huge number of web traffic is produced from mobiles and other small handy gadgets. Based on your site’s subjects, this number could go considerably higher than half of your activity.

Google demonstrates mobile-friendly websites on top in the search result. As per your website’s product and demographic, all sites should be responsive and completely mobile friendly in every manner.

In today’s time, we found that the utmost WordPress themes are now responsive by default, but, still, there are in the WordPress directory a few themes available which are not responsive.

  • Latest Features and Functionality

Technology is growing day by day at a very fast speed. As a result, if we plan to develop a WordPress website, we have to implement the finest quality of a theme to our website which is decorated with several advanced features and useful functionality. Like better buying and selling options, easy to use payment method, highly featured image gallery to view the close version of every image, and so on.

  • An updated version of a theme

A theme that you are choosing, make sure it has on its updated version because a theme with an older version and not have been updated for a long time looks not so trendy and also shows some errors at the time and after the installation. These older version themes are unable to support the features of the latest technology. An updated and latest theme is matched with the latest running trends of web design and development. Besides this, these updated themes did not show any error or and do their work brilliantly and engage more visitors with their elegant look and hassle-free usage.

  • Product Relevant Theme

While, on the second side, whoever the theme you are going to select is must be related to your website concept or product. For instance, if you are planning to build a website for healthcare products, then you have to choose a medial, pharmacy or healthcare niche theme which suits your desired product. It’s not worthy to select an irrelavent theme, like you are running a medial related business or creating a website on photography theme.

  • Paid or Free Theme

WordPress has a broad library of themes for several business purposes. A few of them are free themes and while few ones are paid as well. Well, this is another confusing term towards the website development with WordPress. As many times users may get confused about which theme is best a free theme or a paid one. The exact answer for this is, to get the better result in the building of a website buying a WordPress theme or using a paid theme is the perfect option rather than to use a free theme. A paid theme always comes with all of its features and also allows the user to use all these features. Similarly, a free theme did not allow

The users to use its full features and inner pages.

  • Plugin and Language supported.

Whenever you are choosing a WordPress theme, always remember that the theme must be multilingual. That simply means a theme must support multiple languages so a customer from any corner of the planet or belong from any other language , can easily get the information of the webpage in their native language. Apart from this, the theme you are going to select must support several WordPress plugins like social share, lightbox, slider, etc.

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Two simple tips for an effective web design!

The United States is the largest economy of the world and home to some of the largest organizations. However, large organizations aren’t the sole representatives of America, as the country also thrives on various small and medium enterprises. In fact, it’s the volume and diversity of SMEs spread across all sectors that make the USA the true economic power.

With ample opportunities to thrive in the country, small businesses do have certain lacking as well and none is more prevalent than lagging with finances. More often than not, SMEs find it difficult to compete with large enterprises not due to lack of skills or qualifications, but due to lack of capital to market their business.

Now, talking about marketing and projection, there’s no route better than digital marketing landscape that can facilitate SMEs get most out of their small capitals. Getting a right website with all requisite boxes checked will translate into more visibility, better branding and thus more revenue.

Here we will precisely be looking at two simple tips that can help SMEs design the best website that will work as visitors’ magnet.

  1.    Quality matters more than Quantity

You the what’s the biggest benefit of small businesses? The biggest competitive advantage small businesses could leverage from is keeping their core functions short and qualitative. Where large organizations have a massive portfolio of services to take care of, small businesses can leverage over quantity for a small range of functions.

So, while making a small business website, you need to keep the design simple and elegant, focusing on your strengths. Now you can guide your choice of web design and development company in the USA with your strengths and ask them to come up with a small but high-quality website that actually delivers the punch for your business. Remember, as a small business showing extravagance won’t work in your favor, rather it will be the simplicity, convenience, and trust that will help you unlock market recognition and customers’ trust.

Below are some indicators of a well designed and developed website:

–           Clean, tidy and precise

–           Fast loading speed (not more than 3 seconds)

–           Mobile friendly

–           Interactive and User-friendly

  1. Use real-life imagery

A picture is worth thousand words, you must have heard this sentence hundreds of time, but is every picture worth it?

Back in time stock imagery was the big deal, web design and development companies in the USA will boost about using high-quality stock imagery that looks picture perfect. However, things have changed considerably over the years. Today, users are looking for real-life things they can relate to. They aren’t much interested in seeing those perfect and idealistic stock imagery, rather they like to peek into your real-business through imagery. For instance, to be able to judge the expertise of a web design and development company in the USA, visitors will be looking for real projects and designs they have completed, rather than generic templates customized to meet the needs.

So, when getting your small business website, make sure you go along with real images that carries your business along nicely. It will help customers relate to your business model better and faster.

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Considering Various PHP Technical Skills for Web Development

PHP is an open source server side scripting language that is majorly used for website development and customization. It is an essential and basic programming language that is widely executed along with embedment of other hypertext languages. It is indeed the most popular scripting language with code executed on the server.

For a professional looking and responsive website, it is important to hire experts in PHP. The experts must have knowledge and the right technical skills for developing the website. The PHP programs basically allow the web developers to designed and create dynamic content with database integration.

1) Knowledge of MySQL Database server

MySQL database server is an open source database management system. The programming language is developed for querying the data from the database. Implementation of the MySQL coding along with PHP is important for developing a highly customized website with comprehensive associated tools, applications and features.

The offshore PHP web development must have an expertise in preparing the codes and its correct integration. In short for development of a website, you need a PHP configured web server along with the MySQL database server which helps in efficient running of the portal.

2) Using the latest PHP version

The PHP versions are upgraded at regular intervals to integrate better features and applications. As a technical expert in PHP, it is integral to use PHP5.2 version or above. There are number of features that are a part of the latest version opening up number of options.

The higher versions of the PHP generally has greater image handling library, regular expression support and ability to reduce or compress transferred data through Zlib compression. There are also ways to get higher traffic through integration of the eAccelerator or Zend Optimizer 3.0 in the PHP based website.


HTML is a basic markup language which is used for coding and programming. It is used for creating the web pages through the use of the codes. As an expert PHP developer, it is important to have skills in HTML to create customized web pages as per requirement.

This helps in better and more efficient client server scripting. The codes that are used in HTML are basics that one must have an expertise in. As professional offshore PHP development India, it is not enough just to know writing PHP codes but also in HTML language.

4) CSS

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is another style sheet language that is required for designing visually appealing websites. It is necessary in order to add elements like fonts, colors, spacing etc. in the web pages. It helps in including the layouts and makes the website presentable.

The custom PHP web development professionals must have a good knowledge about CSS to feed in good graphics and style the page. This is an integral part of the coding along with the PHP as it helps in making the web pages visibly more appealing and attractive to the audience.

5) Security of the site 

The security is one of the most important aspects to considering while considering the technical skills of the developer. The developer must be an expert in incorporating features that protects the website. They should be able to stop the database injection attack for proper functioning of the web without errors.

XSS attacks are delirious to the website and they must be checked for and stopped. In order to master PHP and ensure that the site is properly developed, the database and system file must be secured and safe. One must possess technical skills and expertise in stopping the XSS attacks.

6) Understanding debugging and its implementation

Debugging is a process by which any sort of coding error can be fixed and taken care of. While developing the website using the codes, it is prone to errors and it needs to be fixed appropriately. Debugging can be fixed only when the developer has technical skills to fix it.

Debugging is a way to smoothly manage the website with minimization of the errors. An expert PHP developer should know how to go about fixing the error code to finding a resolution for the problem. It is important to know the location of the error log file for fixing the same.

PHP is a server client language and the codes are used for designing the web pages. However writing the codes simply in PHP is not enough and one needs to be prolific in even HTML, CSS and JavaScript for better integration of web elements, application and comprehensive functioning.

The technical expertise in PHP framework and programming language can be only achieved with experience. The professional must be aware of all the latest updates and accordingly implement the same for development. It is important to understanding the right way of mixing PHP along with other client servicing codes and languages.

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Responsive web design framework IN 2018

IN 2018, the question is new and latest, What is best responsive web design framework and development tools in all over web design?. the question is which is the best framework should you be using, and how and why use the whole framework and why is best?

Couples of years as an ago designers are code thousand line of code in Cascading Style Sheets to make the attractive website. Now  Digital and web agency are dozens of responsive design frameworks are provides to download, most of the designer are believe in bootstrap and foundation.let I know which framework is work properly and also know best framework in 2018.

Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is most popular, simple and easier framework in HTML CSS and as well as the Javascript framework. in this framework, design works in millions of perfect web design across the world. modules, flexibilities and also the numbers of components like Dropdown, ScrollSpy, Tab, Tooltips, Popovers. Carousels and much more make great scalable framework in the ultimate times.

Bootstrap comes with a responsive and easier front-end development to make mobile friendly as well as work in mobile first fluid layout representation in all devices. easy to scales up to 12 columns and also maximizes viewport size in different mobiles.


The framework is flexible and more attractive for all devices, 12-column grid scale to an arbitrary size to take advantage and stay on the perfect platform in responsive design.

Foundation is one of the perfect advance responsive, the lightweight, and scalable framework around the web. millions are developers are using this types of the framework in our work. the framework is used widely because of it is out of the box facilities in website development. you can build a complicated layout as well as add lots of custom element.Foundation is the best Responsive web design framework IN 2018.

Ui Kit

User interface kit (UI KIT)  are mostly used in  HTML, CSS, and JS based small, responsive components in web is  easy to build  and conflict-free naming conventions, simple to use, customize and extendable.HTML, CSS, js are comprehensive collection in UI ki and use with less, lightweight and modular front-end framework.UI KIT is also use in graphics web design development and animation. The framework are also design a mobile user interface in different framework like ionic, react js and more.

Semantic UI

Semantic UI is a standard around natural language conventions and designers are developed by creates a language for sharing UI. Semantic UI supports a cool and graphical representation like Semantic UI and also provides the UI components to make an awesome user interface.framework is also use in gaming design and more attractive graphics representation in website. Semantic UI is an advanced  UI framework in responsive web design across the web industry.


The framework around the web and run in the website with noteworthy for unique features is the best part of any web design and we know the daily improvement in web design projects ..hope you build better and simple responsive web design to attract more customer in your website.

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Best Tools & Editors for the Web Developers

With the advancement in the technology and as the internet is evolving drastically, it has come with many changes and provides many easy solutions to everything. With this advancement in the web development and designing candidates are most passionate about their career goals and think to make their career in this field. It is now core field, because of various web designing jobs opportunities. And one of the most interesting things about that is there are so many useful paid and unpaid tools available in the market which help designers to make their task hassle-free.

Node.js:  Node.js is a server-side platform that built on Chrome JavaScript and supports many web applications. It was launched in 2009 and now its latest version is v0.10.36. It is an open-source cross-platform that helps for developing server-side web applications and networking applications. It can be run on different platforms such as Linux, OS X, and Windows. It provides a rich library of various JavaScript modules.

Bootstrap: It is also a free open-source tool that developers used for fast responsive website development. It is the most powerful framework for front-end development. It uses CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Anyone who has basic knowledge of HTML, CSS can easily implement bootstrap coding. In this, there are so many classes by using those classes you can make a responsive web design page.

Notepad++: It is an open source editor and it provides syntax highlighting, tabbed editing which allows users to work with multiple files, code folding for so many programming languages such as scripting, a markup language. It was first released on 2003 and nowadays many of the programmers use this editor. By coding on this editor you can easily solve your all mistakes.

Bracket: This editor is made with a primary focus on web development. It is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is available for cross platforms Mac, Windows, and Linux. There is so many versions of the bracket and the first version released by Adobe in 2014. It provides several features such as quick edit, quick docs, live preview, LESS support and so many other features.

Firebug: It is the most popular tool for web developers. With the help of this tool, you can edit, debug, and monitor your CSS, HTML on any web page. With this, you can quickly find errors. It was developed by Hewitt in 2006. With the HTML inspect tab in firebug, you can check your HTML elements, and Firebug CSS tabs tell you everything about the style of your web page you can make the changes. It is also easy to visualize CSS metrics, with this it is easy to measure all the margin, padding, and size.

There are so many other editors and tools like XAMPP, WAMP, LESS, Ember.js, JEdit etc., and much more. Everyone uses these tools according to their need try out these useful tools if you still haven’t. With digitization gaining its pace, there will be seen a rapid growth in web development in coming years. Also, it has brought much web designing jobs opportunities for the candidates to make-up with the latest trends and technology in web development. Job seekers who are searching for the jobs can get a job by visit some of the best job portals like Monster India, Shine and much more and get benefits from there.

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