There are many organizations that are leveraging cloud hosting to cater to their IT needs and are taking their business to places with no geographical restrictions. Ideal cloud hosting providers empower users with many distinct features that underline growing popularity of cloud server hosting.

CLoud Hosting ProvidersCloud services and their types

In terms of using different applications and tools cloud environment is similar to traditional hosting. However, depending on nature of services, cloud hosting is offered as hybrid cloud, private cloud and public cloud.

When the infrastructure for cloud computing is shared by different users, it is considered as public cloud hosting. Hosting providers use their premises for installing cloud infrastructure.

In private cloud hosting services, the entire infrastructure is exclusively reserved for a single user. Although these services are costlier than other cloud hosting solutions, users can experience far better security in comparison with public cloud offerings. Private cloud hosting can be installed in user’s premises by using in-house infrastructure and IT resources.

Private cloud hosting services are also provided by leading cloud hosting providers. By leveraging such services users need not invest for establishing their own infrastructure. Hosting providers also reduce cost of maintain skilled IT professional to look after their hosting infrastructure.

If you need to segregate your business critical applications and less sensitive applications, then hybrid cloud is the right choice for you. This type of cloud hosting also facilitates use of in-house infrastructure for routine situations and for more critical and demanding instances such as peak loads they can access services of cloud computing. In Platform as a Service or PaaS, reputed cloud hosting services facilitate a development platform in cloud environment.

On can also differentiate cloud hosting in following ways. Based on pay as you go model, users access software applications hosted on cloud in Software as a Service (SaaS). In Infrastructure as a Service model (IaaS), clients make use of hardware related services, including use of virtual servers or certain storage services, offered by host. In Platform as a Service or PaaS, cloud hosting providers facilitate a development platform in cloud environment.

Important benefits of cloud services

Significant aspects of cloud computing consumption are:

  • Server usage time
  • Processing
  • Bandwidth
  • Memory
  • Network storage
  • Virtual machines

Users can pay for cloud services based on their usage of above parameters. Hence right cloud hosting providers are regarded as highly cost effective service providers. Cloud services are also optimized in terms of resource usage and users have access to detailed information as far as number of active accounts, bandwidth, and other parameters.

Monitoring of resource consumption further improves cost optimization of cloud based services. Dynamicity of assigning physical resources within the pool of users facilitates improved utilization of virtual as well as physical resources.

Resiliency is a striking feature of ideal cloud hosting providers. Cloud capabilities can be swiftly and exclusively provisioned depending upon the needs. Users are free to scale up these resources without any limitation to match their requirements. Cloud based services can be easily accessed by using different devices, such as laptops and other hand held devices.

Cloud- a boon for small and medium sized enterprises

Competitive business environment is forcing businesses to adopt multiple strategies for promoting and marketing their services of products. This can put great pressure on financial resources of the organization. Cloud based services offer economy as these services are offered o pay-as-you-go model. Users need not invest for building huge IT resources. Instead, they can always use cloud to scale up these resources as and when needed. Cloud bursting is the best way, organizations can face sudden surge in demand.

Growing business needs undivided attention of key persons for formulation, implementation, and controlling of marketing strategies. Recognized cloud hosting providers are capable of managing most of the critical issues related to IT operations. By leveraging cloud based applications such as crowd-sourcing one can gather information from across the globe.

Entrepreneurs are in a better position to control costs with help of cloud hosting services. Management of costs is far easier with pay-as-you-go model offered by reliable cloud hosting providers. Costs of employing in-house teams of IT professionals can also be reduced by outsourcing cloud management as a service.

Since business critical data exists in many locations in cloud environment, small and medium sized enterprises can experience better security of their data at lesser costs. Regular updating of data is also important feature of cloud storage services. Cloud is indeed a boon to small organizations that cannot afford infrastructural expenditure for maintenance of data security and storage.

Seamless availability of business websites to end-users is significant for business optimization. High performing and responsive websites enhance user experience and improve probability of transactions. Reputed cloud hosting service providers solve the problem of latency with state of the art infrastructural facilities including Tier III data centers and more. Sophisticated bandwidth with burstable capabilities ensures undisrupted presence of your website in the event of traffic surge or spikes.

It is strongly recommended that security of business websites must be given top priority. Data centers that support cloud hosting services offered by dependable hosts are well-equipped with highly secure data center facilities with six zone security layers.

By associating with established cloud hosting providers, you are ensuring round the clock technical support of certified professionals along with seamlessly scalable alternatives for easy customization.

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