Key Aspects of Cloud Help Desk Solution

Key Aspects of Cloud Help Desk Solution

Cloud facilitates an easy access to software applications, development platforms, and IT infrastructure. Hence it is more of a facilitator than an application. Cloud enables accounting tools, storage applications, and many more... Read more »

Exploit New Market Opportunities with Resourceful Cloud Hosting Providers

There are many organizations that are leveraging cloud hosting to cater to their IT needs and are taking their business to places with no geographical restrictions. Ideal cloud hosting providers empower users... Read more »
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Cloud Professional Services are Growing Rapidly in Rajasthan

Recent reports published by Technology Business Research Inc.’s (TBR) 2H14 cloud customer research claims that global users have begun to hire cloud service vendors. This is a new finding in the field... Read more »
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Understanding The Difference Between Cloud-Testing & Testing A Cloud

Interoperability between cloud platforms has been a growing concern for technical leaders in Rajasthan. Though, cloud is a business & economic model in the province, it has been greatly formalised as a... Read more »
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Is Cloud ROI the Right Performance Yardstick?

Companies today are more concerned about measuring their return on investments (ROI) for the outlays incurred on shifting to the cloud infrastructure. A recent study conducted by the Nucleus Research revealed that... Read more »
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Provision Your IT Infrastructure with Powerful Cloud Hosting

Businesses, regardless of shape and size, are seeking ways to gain competitive edge without escalating the operational outlay. In addition, they want maximize their profit revenues while keeping the operation costs low.... Read more »
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Cloud Storage: Simplifying & Streamlining Information Baggage

Cloud has opened new vistas of opportunities for all size businesses. There is no denying the fact that it has taken a front seat to manage business-critical data in the most influential... Read more »
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Cloud: Driving Businesses to Thrive and Compete

Cloud technology has opened new vistas of opportunity for all the sectors including healthcare, education and finance. It is a blessing for all who wish to have global access and reduce operational... Read more »
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SMBs Capitalizing on BYOD Benefits

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is gaining momentum at a faster pace with the rapid advancements in the information technology. For small-mid size businesses (SMBs), this breakthrough technology can bring two-fold benefits,... Read more »
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Stay in control with Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions

For most of the organizations, the private cloud model is the very first choice and only choice when it comes to cloud technology. This model offers a robust hardware and highly secured... Read more »