Get your iPhone 7 plus repaired while you wait

iPhones are a great device to be used and it seems like people cannot get their hands off it. In such a situation if you iPhone needs a repair t would not be less than a nightmare. You would be thinking too much on when will iPhone gets repaired and what will happen to the data in the phone. Also, how much time will I need to keep the iPhone at the service center? But with the advent in technology you need not worry about such issues. Gone are the days when you had to leave your iPhones for weeks at the service center. Now you can wait while your iPhone 7 plus gets repaired. This is for your iPhone 7 plus screen repair as well.


You will never get something so easily and quickly done like you get the repair done at While You Wait Repairs which is one of the best repair centres for iPhone. This is the brand which needs special attention owing to iOS it has been built with. So taking any chance with it will be a fluke and an act of foolishness. Why take a wrong step when you have the best option available for you?

How do I get it repaired?

All you need to do is visit a while you wait service center and get your iPhone repaired within an hour or so. It has become easy for you to book an appointment and get a time slot where you can visit the center and get it repaired while you wait. You can also send it via post where the iPhone gets repaired the same day it is received and couriered back to give you quick service. You can make the payment via PayPal or bank or postal check to make the transaction smooth enough. A screen repair takes around 30 – 45 minutes while other repairs can be done within a matter of 60 minutes. Unless there is any other kind of damage or fault which would need some more time. It depends on the criticality of the issue.

This kind of service is very common these days as the smart phones have become the crux of our lives and we tend to get handicapped if they are not available for use. The screen is divided into three parts which can be repaired individually so that the cost is also reduced while the time taken is also reduced. The top glass is used to protect the bottom two parts which are the digitizer and the LCD Screen. The digitizer is responsible for the touch function while the LCD helps to show the images and other data on the iPhone screen. You can get any part repaired or all of them if the damage is severe.

The repaired part is under a 30-day warranty and can be replaced if there is any damage apart from physical and water damage. You may figure out that iPhone 7 plus is not responding to the touch option as it used to or has slowed done in operation. Many times, the iPhone does not show any sign or signal at all even after long charging. At such times, you need to ensure you visit the service center for repairs. Also, you may see some black spots under the screen which do not disappear at all; in such a situation too you need to get your iPhone 7 plus repaired. So, go ahead and get you iPhone 7 plus repaired without much difficulty at while you wait repairs center.

Saamya Sharma

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