If you are in pursuit of a hosting solution in India, that offers affordability of shared hosting without compromising resource availability and privacy, then Go4hosting VPS is the best for your website hosted in India.

Benefits of VPS hosting in India
Virtual Private Hosting is loaded with almost all features of dedicated hosting and yet offers you the advantage of economy. A virtual private server is designed to offer privacy of hosting as the name itself suggests. VPS is built by vertically dividing resources of a physical server by using the server virtualization technology into number of Virtual Servers.

The unique arrangement ensures that every VPS has its own operating system, RAM and disk space similar to a dedicated server. Users can enjoy hassle free hosting environment that is free from resource concerns as encountered in shared hosting environment.

Although, users of VPS hosting are sharing one physical server, every VPS has its independent existence and performs as a dedicated server. Users can configure VPS according to their requirements. They are also allowed to install custom applications, firewalls, and software.

The freedom of VPS also extends to choice of operation system and you are able to use Windows or Linux operating system to run your virtual private server.

VPS hosting solutions offered by reputed Indian providers are highly affordable. You can get your VPS deployed instantly and can enjoy highly reliable hosting the does not suffer from other resource hungry clients.

User friendly control panel allows you to access the server configuration and you can add or remove websites as per need. VPS hosting also allows an individual control panel for every site and facilitates installation and modification of custom software.

Significance of India environment for VPS hosting
There are multiple benefits of hosting your virtual private server in India. Indian IT outsourcing industry is fully matured with large number of reliable providers offering cutting edge hosting solutions.

Indian data centers are built in location with low seismic potential with no threat of natural disasters such as snow storms, tsunamis, or tornadoes.

It is prudent to establish a data center in India if you need to target customers in Asia. It will reduce latency and boost page loading due to the proximity of hosting location. This is an important SEO factor for higher SERPs. In addition to this you also stand to gain with economical hosting solutions with lower cost of labor in India.

The leading search engine site Google uses different server locations depending on different countries. The servers for their site ‘’ are located in US and servers that are hosting ‘’ are located in India.

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VPS hosting plans offered by established providers in India such as Go4Hosting ensure remarkable customization benefits along with scalability of resources. Let us have a look at some of the premium advantages offered by reliable VPS hosting providers in India such as Go4Hosting.

Performance oriented infrastructure
The fully operational dedicated infrastructure facilitates consistency of performance in addition to high levels of security. Instant stimulation of server deployment ensures that your web applications are up and running within a matter of few minutes.

You are in total control of your server environment and can customize the configuration based on your needs. This backed by optimum bandwidth and seamless backup facilities for ensuring reliable data protection as well as data integrity.

Robust network connectivity
Network connectivity is the most vital characteristic of any hosting infrastructure. Dependable hosting providers including Go4Hosting leave no stone unturned in adhering to SLA backed guarantee of 99.99 percent uptime.

Clients are accorded full freedom of choosing their preferred telecommunication services from a wide spectrum of industry leading providers including Reliance, BSNL, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, and so forth.

The carrier neutral facility offers redundant hardware and networking equipment to ensure outstanding network connectivity. Clients can benefit from wide range of sophisticated solutions including content delivery networks, redundant power facilities, load balancers, and impeccable failover facility.

With growing incidences of DDOS attacks, business critical data needs to be seamlessly secured by using state of the art security measures. Reputable Indian web hosting providers ensure fully integrated security framework.

It is purpose built to remove gaps in network security and protect vital data related to business websites. Continuous monitoring of security systems including robust infrastructure for DDOS protection offers dynamic support.

Unimpeachable uptime and data protection
Go4Hosting is one of the most trusted web hosts in India for failover proof network hardware as well as cutting edge cloud hypervisors.

The Tier III data center is equipped with some of the world’s leading tools and technologies to offer its customers an edge over competition in terms of network up to and incessant bandwidth availability. You can always count on unparalleled data replication capabilities that guarantee unmatched data protection of your mission critical data.

There are many more unique features of Go4Hosting that bring peace of mind to clients of VPS hosting including superior SSD storage, performance tweaking, round the clock tech support, and more. No wonder, Go4hosting VPS is the best for your website hosted in India!

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