Importance of GPS and Telematics in Curbing Traffic Accidents in Australia

Day in and day out, accidents do happen on Australian roads. Not only private vehicles are at risk of getting involved in serious crashes but fleet vehicles as well. Drivers put their safety and lives at risk when working because they eminent dangers on the road may happen almost anytime. Road accidents do not discriminate – it may happen to any driver or passenger. Even if you practice all safety measures and drive responsibly, you may still become a victim of an accident because not all the people you are sharing the road with are careful of their actions. Because of this, it is important to exploit the different ways that could help you have a safer driving experience.

Beating Traffic Accidents through Technology

Traffic accidents are not uncommon throughout the country as they injure thousands and claim the lives of hundreds of people every year. As it is, safety should always be prioritized when driving in Australia. Companies that are associated in the automotive and transportation industry are particularly at risk of getting involved in car accident-related issues. Trucking companies always have to deal with different types of road accidents since their drivers are on the road in any given time and day. Taxi companies are likewise exposed to such accidents. Tourism and travel companies that provide tours to tourists are also at risk of getting involved in traffic accidents. Simply put, any company or business that deals with fleets is exposed to different types and degrees of risks at the road.

In recent years, technological innovations have been on the side of the transportation industry. With the mainstream availability of electronic gadgets like GPS tracking systems and vehicle telematics equipment and systems, safe transportation has become more possible. With these devices, gone are the days when drivers have to solely depend on their experience, skills, and instinct to avoid getting involved in a traffic accident. Today, drivers who use vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems and/or journey management device are assured with safety as they can easily get guide and assistance from their company’s fleet tracking office.

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Accidents that Can Be Avoided Using Telematics

With the help of GPS tracking systems and vehicle telematics, transportation companies can avoid these types of traffic accidents:

• Driver fatigue-related accidents – Drivers who work tirelessly may finish their duties much earlier but put their lives at stake. Hundreds of road accidents happen as a result of fatigued driving. Drivers who are tired or stressed out are more likely to be involved in an accident because their decision-making and driving skills are compromised. This could be avoided with the help of vehicle telematics. Companies should monitor their drivers and determine whether or not they are getting enough rests or breaks, assuring their safety.

• Intoxicated driving-related accidents – Alcohol and driving have never been a good combination. Drunk drivers are very likely to be involved in a crash because their motor skills, senses, decision-making skills, and reasonable thinking are functioning well. Because of this, transportation companies should strictly monitor their drivers to know whether or not they are drunk while on duty. This will assure their safety on the road and will promote exponential business growth in the long run.

• Over-speeding accidents – Workers in the transportation industry are always subjected to strict and demanding work schedule and deadlines. Thus, some drivers speed just to cope with the demands of their work. However, this practice puts their lives at risk. With travel management, speeding can be eliminated from the onset. Transportation companies can easily monitor and determine if their drivers are speeding and are not following implemented speed limit, which in turn, assure their safety.

In a nutshell, transportation companies can effectively avoid accidents and can preserve the lives of their drivers by investing on helpful instruments like GPS tracking systems and telematics.