Recover Files From The Hard Drive Through the Use of Drive Recovery Software

Did you know that it is possible to recover files from the hard drive through the use of drive recovery software? Recover the lost files from the formatted hard drive and also recover the lost files as a result of the software crash, unknown reasons or even virus infection. Also, you can recover the lost data from the drive which contains lost or even missing partition. All this can be done through the use of drive recovery software. Interestingly, there is very many drive recovery software which is available in the market.

Here are some of the drive recovery software:

Recoverit: Recoverit is the one of the most powerful data recovery software with very high recovery rate if compared to others. This software is available for both Windows and MAC operating system. The software can recover over 550 file formats with its powerful data-analyzer engine which is very fast too. You can download this software it’s official site.

Recuva: If you want to be able to get the files which you deleted by accident from the Windows Recycle Bin or even the USB stick, then Recuva is the most appropriate solution for that. It can be able to recover files such as photos and videos even from the Camera SD card. This software is available on the website for official downloading. It is very quick to download as well as install. There is a portable version which usually runs on the flash drive. You will find it very easy to use this software,and it is perfect as it comes with advanced as well as simple options. It has a deep function which can be able to find the files which can take a bit longer to find. You can also preview images before you go ahead and recover them.

PhotoRec: This is a free and open source file recovery program which does work very well with almost all the operating systems. PhotoRec is not just your normal photo recovery tool. You can be able to use this software to recover almost 500 various formats from the hard disks or even removable media. It does work on various platforms including Linux, MacOS as well as Linux. It is usually updated by the developer more often,and it has a very powerful recoverability.

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Puran File Recovery: This is another quite powerful and also free data recovery tool. It does work great as to rescue the data practically any of the storage media. All the Puran utilities are free for private as well as non-commercial use. Deep scan as well as full scan options for powerful searching. You have the power to review the files once highlighted. You can go on and categorize the found items by the files types including pictures, documents, videos,etc.

Glary undelete: This is such an excellent tool which is similar to the Recuva. It is very simple to use and choose the drive to scan and click and search. You are going to see bunches of the files which are found. Here, you can be able to see the files found. Once this is done, navigate to folders on the left, use the preview function to locate the targeted items,and you are very good to go. Download and install this software. It has a very clean and logical software interface. Preview capability which helps to find the files which you want to retrieve.

The above software and many more can recover the files. Hard drive recovery software does not always recover 100 percent of the data. However, you are always guaranteed that you can always recover the data substantially. With the above software, you can easily recover the data you lost. The software scans the hard drive or even any other storage device and then locates directed files and the directories. Ensure you store these new files in a space which is very secure.

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