Samsung Galaxy Note 6: A Breakthrough From The Cocoon Of Samsung

The arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 has become the latest gossip column for all the tech freaks, tech groups, tech hubs and tech sites which has gained a big portion of lime light. It is going to dominate the phablet market making all the other phablets freak about

As we can see that this year the phablet market was conquered by Galaxy Note 5 so we can say that next year the market will be consumed by the outbound features of the Galaxy Note 6.

This phablets is said to be winded up with many new things like 3D camera feature, jaw dropping mega pixels in the camera, sleek and sound look, faster processor, great memory efficiency in both RAM and internal memory, fast connectivity criteria, huge screen with classy screen display feature etc. which make Galaxy Note 6 stand among the best available phablets.

Now the limelight is getting focused on the Galaxy Note 6 and Galaxy S7. Now all the fans and market is looking forward towards the arrival of these two new gadgets. Before its appearance and declaration, the whole world is in the clutched in the captivation of the two gadgets. The recent family members have already gained a big slot of appreciation and praise with all the features and specs, so whole world is now waiting for two new members of the different flagships.

Special points to be noted:

  • It is also said that Galaxy Note 6 is wonders have a new body feature and design with the amalgamation of the metal and alloy in its body, unlike the first four members of this family which were made up of plastic.
  • It has also been bought onto focus that the trend of Exynos chipset will be a part of this smart gadget too.
  • Galaxy Note 6 can be the first one to come out of the cocoon with a new technology of being the first one to have the have the 16-core processor housed in it.
  • With the official declaration of the coming of Galaxy Note 6 next year, the presales will also start in third quarter of the year.
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Other specs of Galaxy Note 6:

  • The display is as huge as 6 to 6.2 inch and is said to have a foldable display with a metallic body
  • Boosted up with a Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core with 2.9 GHz processor
  • Compiled with a front camera of 16 MP and rear camera of 30 MP with 4K- 3D  display resolution
  • RAM of 6 GB with different internal memory options
  • To be run on the latest Marshmallow 6.0. Android Operating System
  • Awesome  battery with 4,500 mAh and rapid charging provision

Galaxy Note 6 with its specifications will for sure impress the users. If all the features come to be true then the product is going to be amazing and the users won’t be able to resist themselves from buying this phablet for them.