The Sim Network Unlock Pin solution is now discovered

phonelockIf you are among those people who have forgotten their Sim Network Unlock Pin or passwords or you have bought your iPhone from the internet or some second hand retailer without the proper Sim Network Unlock Pin credentials then I will explain to you in this post how to solve this problem.

Sim Network Unlock Pin Lock feature and how to fix it

Sim Network Unlock Pin lock is really annoying problem for many iPhone users around the globe. Many people are currently searching over the internet for the solution of this problem and while some will not have success at all many will also do more damage than good. This is due to the fact that many people tend to abuse this situation and try to earn.

Still not everything is so bad because two hackers now have posted good news. They have successful developed a hack tool for iPhone Sim Network Unlock Pin. After many conducted testings it is not confirmed that it can Sim Network Unlock Pin and efficiently remove the Activation screen as well as disable the Find my iPhone option on your device.

Compatibility and how to get it

The initial testings has confirmed that the Sim Network Unlock Pin can successfully remove the Activation screen from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ which run on iOS 8 or higher. Now with the additional testing older iOS versions and iPhone models such as iPhone 5, 5S, 5, 4S, 4 can be easily unlocked as well.

  • The tool is available for free download from our website
  • Once downloaded install the tool on your pc
  • Connect your iPhone and pc
  • Put your iPhone into DFU mode
  • Select your iPhone model from the list
  • Click initiate and wait until the unlock is finished and the auto reboot is completed
  • On iTunes do Update and Restore
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Once you restore your iPhone on iTunes the unlock  will be officially completed and the Activation screen lock will be removed from your iPhone device.

So far it is confirmed that if the given instructions are followed as provided there is guaranteed success in the Sim Network Unlock Pin process.

Many people due to the high price decide to purchase used iPhone devices from internet sites such as eBay or from other second hand source. When obtaining the iPhone in this manner there is high probability you will end up with Sim unlock locked iPhone. This occurs due to the fact that Sim Network Unlock Pin feature acts as the last line of defense against unauthorized use of the iPhone and the sellers most often forget or do not provide their Sim Card login credentials.

If you have any questions regarding on how to Sim Network Unlock Pinn lock feel free to contact us.