Rajasthan, being the largest state of India in geographical terms holds immense opportunities and technology has to be the catalyst to tap and judiciously utilize the same. The large tracts of the Thar are an abundant source of solar energy. The same tracts are huge reserves of fossil fuels which are being harnessed by different organizations. The varied opportunities have necessitated a windfall development on the technological front. Multi-National Companies and the government are investing huge sums into the technological aspects of the state leading to advancements.

In view of this, Rajasthan is witnessing great initiatives. The recent installation of the world’s largest solar farm puts the state ahead in the global race of tapping the sun. The presence of many educational institutions which cater to the technological requirements of the work force has been another drawing force for this state. Many start-ups from the state are now making waves in the technology market such as the one of applications. Gradually, the technology is seeping into the sands of Rajasthan. The establishment of the Indian Institute of Technology is another bright example of the state’s commitment to technological research and development. The various industries of the state-hydrocarbons, solar industry, tourism etc. are incorporating the relevant technologies taking Rajasthan ahead by leaps and bounds.

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