There are plenty of the encrypted mobile apps for the smartphones to make use with the secure manner to share information with the friends and families. Here the messenger app builds with the newly updated features which assure to make use of and share information with safer manner forever. Even though it has the list of mobile apps, we are going to discuss top encrypted message apps below


It is fully based on encrypts out conversation from years 2014 and it built with updated features for the user to make use with real comfort. Even it allows users to make use of the secret chat which is completely inspired by telegram. Amazingly on the top of all there is an iMessage app which persist audio and video chat with lots of features and being presently used by billions of people in different countries. You can easily and effectively download iMessage on PC and Windows 10,8,7. These apps assure with the end to end encrypted chatting choice and it builds with the default chat mode which not having encrypted so you must make sure to enable it and get secure when it comes to chatting with friends and other users. This app commonly used around 90% user in the part of South Korea. On the other hand, is designed with the privacy as well as the data security are well concerns in a fine manner. It is applicable to download with zero cost.

Signal – Private Messenger:

This app built with encryption systems which remain the message safer to make use for a long time. Here the encryption engine is open source that found to inspect for everyone.  Here the signal is commonly make used by the figure in the part of the cyber security as well as the built with the data privacy so it is safer for the customer to a user such apps in winning way.

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This messenger app is applicable to use over both Android and also the iOS platform. And this app is specially designed to create social communication with the support of the enhanced security as well as the privacy. Therefore it becomes the common choice for the major people to make and chat and make the voice call with safer manner. This app never need additional software so it is quite easy for the client to run over the Smartphone


The Threema is secure texting apps and it is well encrypted all message and also videos call, images so it remains in the same manner to a user such apps.  Though, it is well encrypted each app which cannot interface by enjoying without your permission. This app can simply download direct the mobile and make use without meeting any additional risk and trouble.

 Wickr – Secure Messenger:

With the wickr messenger, the mobile user can send all messages by encrypted so that it assures to provide the better choice for the customer with no risk and trouble with it. It is an open source app which never needs the mobile number and other personal details. It designs with the privacy and never collects data. Therefore the user can make use of such apps to share the file, videos to friends in a winning way.

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