As a business owner you will be looking for the best CMS that is sturdy and powerful to manage the heavy demands that can cope up with the large flow of traffic that you anticipate. You could consider Drupal hosting which is already powering more than a million websites and has the support of an active and vast community across the globe. It is open source CMS and distributed under the General Public License (GNU) license giving users the freedom to copy, modify and edit as per their requirements. It is widely in use to build large websites and other online applications.

Improves SEO ranking:

One of the advantages that the customers get with Drupal hosting is that it helps in boosting SEO ranking. In Drupal the content is placed in blocks and groups. It classifies the content into sub categories based on the type of products and services. The visitors find it very easy and interesting to move around the site. Using descriptive titles, top search keywords while regularly changing the content removing the stale content with fresh ones attracts more visitors and can get in more conversions.

What makes Drupal hosting so popular?
• Being open source, the developers focus more and offer steps to check the security issues and vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, injections, session management and others. There are several Drupal modules available to safeguard your Drupal website.
• Users can customize the design, page layout and colour of the website with the availability of a wide range of Drupal themes. Adding new features and altering existing features to a website is comparatively easy.
• The website can be easily modified and new con tent can be added with ease without disturbing the other page contents without the need to shut down the site and effecting the performance.
• Drupal keeps your content organized making it easier to create friendly URLs and many defaults for the content contributors. The user-friendly interface allows the users to create all types of content including blogs, videos, text, podcasts, polls etc.


Drupal can be adapted on any web server and runs on the PHP scripting language and MySQL database. To make easily manageable the Drupal hosting providers generally offer the latest versions of PHP and MySQL. Installing the Drupal CMS manually is quite complicated and needs some technical skills while setting up PHP file and creating database. It is recommended to hire the services of a hosting provider as they provide 1 click installation service which is very helpful in building Drupal sites with ease.

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Price factor:

Considering the popularity of Drupal and the wide potentialities it offers, the Drupal hosting providers look to provide quality services while keeping the costs low. Many of the providers offer unlimited bandwidth and space, user friendly control panel, money back guarantee etc. Thus you can get a powerful and affordable hosting solution for your websites.


Every website irrespective of its nature of business is required to have maximum uptime and fast page loading speed. The top Drupal hosting providers guarantee 99.9% uptime and high loading speed that keeps the visitors satisfied who otherwise tend to get upset and move away from a site if it is slow. Another crucial point to consider is their customer support service. The clients are not expected to have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Drupal and there are possibilities of their getting stuck with some issues. It is important that you choose a provider that offers 24 x 7 customer assistance round the year.

Drupal hosting services include many features in all their packages that include:

click Setup
Free domain and email addresses
Data backup and restoring services
Round the clock customer support
Unmetered bandwidth
Easy site migrations.

The owners are always concerned about the security to both video and text content. Websites generally allow third party contributions that expose the site to vulnerabilities. Drupal hosting allows the users to create new logins for the third party users and gives them the power to customize the level of permission to the new contributors. The site owner gets alerts whenever a new contribution is made or edited. The content is save as Drupal has provisions to offer automatic backup to the content in the system hard drive adding to the safety of data.

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