5 Picnic Spots around Jaipur

Pink City of India, Jaipur has several places to cater to the visitors. Here in this blog, we have selected some of the interesting places which are around Jaipur and visitors should explore.

  • Bairath
  • Just 86 kms away from Jaipur, Bairath is located near Shahpura-Alwar road. The place is beautiful and attracts many several visitors. There are several remnants and constructions of Mauryan, Mughal and Rajput’s. People can enjoy an outing with family and friends there. Apart from old castles, there is a Buddhist temple which makes the place even more special.


  • Sambhar
  • Sambhar is just 94 kms from Jaipur and is famous for the inland salt lake which is largest in the country. Sambhar is situated to the west of Jaipur. Sambhar caters to many visitors every year and is popularly known for Devayani Tank.

  • Abhaneri
  • Abhaneri is located in just 98 kms away from Jaipur City. The beautiful place in Rajasthan is near Bandikui, where the auspicious Harshad Mata temple is located. Abhaneri was built around the eighth century and is one of the popular locations.

  • Jaisinghpura Khor
  • Are you aware of Meena Tribe? They are located in Jaisinghpura Khor, a place which is just 12 kms far from Amer. There visitors can explore the living style of the Meena Tribe and can get to know several unknown facts about their lifestyle. An impressive fort, a Jain temple and a step-well is added attractions there.

  • Madhogarh-Tunga
  • Madhogarh-Tunga is one of the tourist spots which are just 40 kms away from Jaipur. The famous tourist spot is located on Bassi Lalsor road. It is the place where the historic battles were happened in between the Marathas and Jaipur forces. The place is also popularly known as Tunga.

    This blog is about most important 5 picnic spots around Jaipur and hope these places will add some more excitement to your visit to Rajasthan.