Explore the Majestic Rambagh Palace in Rajasthan

Rambagh Palace
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When people think about India, one that ultimately strikes their mind is the beautiful forts and palaces. Nevertheless, they have been considered as a momentous part of India’s rich history. They reflect the diverse culture of the India magnificently. In fact, across the country, one can observe the opulence and ritual that is well portrayed through incredible palaces in India with spectacularly festooned interiors.

The Rambagh Palace was formerly built in the year 1835 as a school for a juvenile Ram Singh after his father, Sawai Jai Singh III passed away under inexplicable circumstances. In the beginning, according to Rajput traditions, Ram Singh, who was just 15 months old at that point of time, was kept safe in Zenana, from external politics and British. However, afterward, the veteran leaders of Rajput kin felt that the juvenile prince should be moved out of the Zenana so as to attain appropriate training and education. This laid the institution of the Rambagh Palace.

Post Independence the Palace served as imperial residence for Raja Sawai Man Singh and then later on was rehabilitated as heritage Hotel.

Nowadays, Rambagh Palace is one of the unsurpassed heritage hotels in Jaipur. The Palace Hotel, spreads wide across an area of 47 acres, is a wonderful palace to spend your vacations.

The key attractions of the palace hotel are: near about 41 rooms, 33 suites, business center, swimming pool, shopping arcade, and renaissance-style banquet room.

Guests can easily reminisce back into the prehistoric era when kings and queens, in their wonderful assemblage, majestically drifted past the luxuriously bejeweled palace halls and vibrant gardens. The complete ambience of the palace hotel, the view, interior decoration and the hospitality offered, is absolutely endearing and attention-grabbing. Not to mention, the complete management of the hotel was taken over by the Taj Group in the year 1972.

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Ultimately, would say that enjoy the hospitality and comforts when you plan to visit Rajasthan in your coming vacations.

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