How to Unlock iPhone 4 on all Network

One of the best how to unlock iPhone 4 offers is finally here. You can unlock iPhone 4 devices on permanent basis only via the IMEI unlocking method. This means that you will never have to worry again about being factory locked or to pay extra for the annoying roaming tariffs.

Another great benefit of factory unlock via IMEI code is the fact that you will not be asked to take your device to a local Apple store in order for the how to unlock iPhone 4 process to be conducted. It is only required to know the IMEI code of the Apple device you wish to unlock, as well as the device to be locked to mobile operator.

There is no need to jailbreak or to use Gevey Sim in order to get the job done right. In contrary, we do not use hacking tools nor suspicious software programs. Everything which we do is legal, secure and safe. As I have said, the unlocking method is via IMEI code and this means that your device will be unlocked directly from the white list database of Apple.

How to Unlock iPhone 4

One of the reasons why the how to unlock iPhone 4 is so popular is because the unlocking procedure does not take longer than 1 or two days. On top of that, IMEI unlock is much cheaper variant than asking your mobile operator such as to unlock your device or to go to a local Apple store. And not to mention that the unlock via IMEI works with all kinds of iPhone devices including the ones that are blocked or barred.

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Unlock iPhone 4 service

To get unlock you just need to click on Unlock iPhone 4 Now link. By doing this you will be given an online document to complete. Of course we do not need your personal data but only the information that is necessary for the unlock to be successful.959105-iphone-4

This means that you will need to provide the correct IMEI code of your iPhone. In case you do not know it, you can find the IMEI by opening Settings on your iPhone and then going to General-About. In here just scroll the page down and at the bottom the IMEI code will be displayed. Alternatively, if this does not work, you can dial the number *#06# and the code should be shown in a couple seconds.

Besides the IMEI code, you will also be asked to provide a valid email address for contacting purposes. And of course you must order IMEI unlock from iPhone 4 because the current offer is for this mobile operator only.

Once you have completed this step, you will need to pay the unlock fee. The payment is conducted online via verified payment methods like PayPal, credit card or DalPay.

As I have mentioned above, the unlock iPhone 4 procedure will last about 1-2 days. Once you receive email that the unlock is finished go to iTunes and Update and Restore your iPhone to finish the unlock. In this way you will activate your device and later you will be able to use it on different GSM networks with different SIM cards without problems or restrictions.