Udaipur is a beautiful city of lakes, palaces, pastoral customs and handicraft. It is a popular location in the world that attracts thousands of western tourists and is home to the legendary Picchhola Lake. It was once the capital of one of the imperial state of Mewar and is considered to be the Venice of India. Udaipur has three main lakes in all connected to each other in series. They are:

  • The Picchhola Lake
  • The Fateh Sagar Lake and
  • The Swaroop Sagar Lake.

The Lake Palace, in Udaipur is one of the most quixotic places on this earth. The Palace is situated amid of the picturesque and beautiful Pichola Lake. The tourists can have a heavenly view of this lake from the palace. With impressive Aravalli Hills on one side and very tall palaces on the other, make the wonderful surroundings to this attractive Lake Palace. Maharana Jai Singh II was the name of the person who constructed Lake Palace in 1746. The complete complex is made up of white marble. This splendid complex spread wide across a four-acre island forming a surreal impression.

Formerly, this Palace was known by the name Jag Niwas after the name of the Maharana. At present times, it is well known by the name of Lake Palace. Jag Niwas was designed to offer a summer resort to the royal family of Udaipur. In the later years, it was used as the summer resort by the progeny of Jagat Singh. The remarkable exteriors would make you yearn to have a glance at the beautiful Lake Palace. While entering this amazing Palace, you would feel that you are on cloud nine because you will find everything to be just perfect.

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Interestingly, the spectacular architecture of the Lake Palace will leave you jaw dropped and spellbound. It has a series of courtyards that are arranged in one line with several columns, terraces, gorgeous fountains and well laid gardens.

Lake Palace also encompasses numerous rooms by the name of Bada Mahal, Khush Mahal, Ajjan Niwas, Phool Mahal and Dhola Mahal that invigorate the beauty of charming palace. These highly unusually and colorful rooms are decked with engraved arches, paintings, crystal and stained glass work, internal stones of pink and green lotus leaves.

To summarize, would say that a glimpse of this Palace will captivate you by its magnetism. So, whenever you get time plan your vacation and do visit this incredible romantic palace of the World.

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