The Strangest Things to be Posted

Strangest Things to be Posted

As you can imagine, Christmas is the busiest time of year for the Royal Mail. They have to employ an additional 20,000 staff just to cope with the extra deliveries required during the festive season. It’s quite a challenge being so busy, so even more challenging is dealing with some of the strange things that people post. Here are some of the strangest things to be sent through the UK postal service:

The Parcel Post began in 1883 with Royal Mail sending the first packages and it didn’t take long for things to begin getting weird!

In the early days of the postal service, the rules over what could be posted were much more relaxed. This meant that many items considered dangerous or dubious were often intercepted. Bizarrely, many items you would think couldn’t be delivered were actually accepted by postmen, such as both dead and living animals.

Food was a common parcel, but it was often sent unpackaged as the rules of the time stated things like game could be posted as long as it had an address label on it and it wouldn’t leak! Even living creatures were put in the post, which was often against regulations and proved quite hazardous for those making the delivery! A news article of the 1890s tells of a jar of lice scorpions having to be examined by postal staff!

Strangest Things to be Posted

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Weirdly, there were no rules about posting people in the beginning. In 1909, two suffragettes made the most of the same-day courier service on offer by the Royal Mail and posted themselves to Downing Street to personally deliver their message to the then Prime Minister Herbert Asquith. For less extreme Same Day Courier Services, visit

In a hilarious twist, an official at Downing Street refused to sign for them and so the poor delivery boy had to return the women and explain why he’d failed to make a delivery.

Strangest Things to be Posted

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They were not the first human letters though. Reginald Bray from London posted himself in 1900, 1903 and 1932. He was an eccentric, pushing the limits of what the postal service would accept, and he certainly wasn’t the only person in the Victorian era to test the postal system.

He bought a copy of the official Post Office Guide and took advantage of a loophole. Bray read that live creatures could be posted as long as they were bigger than a bee but smaller than an elephant. Well, that leaves a lot of room for interpretation!

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Sitting Down to Watch the Queen’s Speech

Each year on Christmas Day thousands of people sit down to watch the Queen make her annual speech to the country. Well that is if you have made sure that your televisions and aerial are in full working order. If not, then a quick call to a TV Aerial Installation Swansea company or one local to your area will see you up and running again in no time.

Queen’s Speech

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In her speech the Queen usually address key events that have taken place in that year and any large events that she is knows are coming up in the next year. The Christmas Speech has been an historical event for many years and there are some interesting facts surrounding this.

If you have seen the film The King’s Speech you will be aware that George VI overcame his stammer in order to be able to address the nation in 1937 on Christmas Day. He wanted to thank everyone for their support during his first year of what was a very unexpected reign. It was just two years after this very emotional charged speech that he was once again having to address a nation, this time in the light of the break out of World War Two.

The original idea for a Christmas broadcast was the creation of Sir John Reith back in 1932 who wanted to use it as a way of promoting his service which was originally known as the Empire Service and is what we now know as the BBC World Service. He managed to persuade George V to conduct the speech on Christmas Day although he was never fully on-board with the idea and complained that it disrupted his Christmas Day. This first speech was written by Rudyard Kipling and consisted of 251 words and took a total of two and half minutes to read. The first speech reached a radio audience of around 20 million across the whole of the British Empire. The reason why 3pm was chosen as the time for the broadcast to go out is it was the best time to reach the majority of people across the whole of the British Empire.

Queen’s Speech

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The Queen has regularly made her annual speeches every year apart from in 1969 and since 1957 these have been televised. In a bid to not interfere with HRH Christmas Day from 1959 when she was pregnant with Andrew the broadcasts have been pre-recorded a few days before Christmas. 2018 has been an interesting year both for the country and for the Royal family and some of this will be undoubtedly reflected in her speech on Christmas Day.

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What makes Weddings so special in India?

Weddings in India are considered to be the most sacred ceremony it signifies the unifying of two people in love as well as their families. It binds two families together to have a happy communion for a lifetime. As India being a large diversified country has various religions, cultures, languages and rituals that make the weddings even more beautiful.  As earlier mentioned marriage is considered as sacred in India, so it is the rituals that make the Indian marriages are so amazing and fun.

Here are some reasons that make an Indian wedding so special…

  1. Gathering of all the near and dear ones

Indian Weddings are so amazing because all your close relatives as well as friends gather together to celebrate a union. Even you get a chance to be with all your distant friends as well as relatives come down to be a part of the biggest day of your life. All of them celebrate all the rituals and customs together that makes the whole affair most memorable.

  1. Fun wedding rituals and customs

An Indian wedding is almost a 4 to 5 days affair that includes various pre as well as post wedding ceremonies that makes it even more special. Some pre wedding rituals includes rituals like ‘Haldi‘,’Mehendi‘, ‘Sangeet‘ that involves lots of fun and dance together with the huge gatherings of family, friends as well as relatives. There are various wedding venues in Delhi NCR that are specially designed for such functions. The rituals also involve relatives preparing a grand feast for the bride or groom for their new lives which is another very fun and unique bachelor party of Indians. So, Indian marriage is not only a day affairs, it involves lots of work together with fun.

  1. Dressing up

During the Indian wedding season, the most important thing that catches everyone’s eyes is on the dresses that the couple as well as the guests wears. It is like a fashion parade as everyone chooses the best attires for different rituals and flaunts their style. Not only the bride or the groom, but everyone gets adorned with beautiful dresses and jewelries. The Indian wedding attires usually include beautiful traditional sarees, lehangas for brides and they hold a unique tradition in Indian marriages. Although there has held no unique dress code and bride and groom are free to choose their own fashion in ethnic dress apart from traditional attire. Surely, Indian wedding is no less than a fashion show.

  1. Delectable Food

Food is the most important part of an Indian wedding. It is the time when people just forget about all their diet plans and savor on amazing dishes. Plus, it feels great to enjoy an amazing feast with the families, friends and relatives on wedding day as well as other occasions. The variety contains almost everything starting from starter to the main course to desserts to drinks. The food usually consists of various cuisines that too served in various courses. That is why food is considered to be a really important element of an Indian wedding. There are few wedding venues in chattarpur in delhi, which have the best caterers in their panel & offers awesome food.

Indian weddings are much more than having fun as it is full of emotions and merriment that makes it really special.

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Fire Safety: Protection And Prevention Tips To Use

The flaring phase of a fire will begin with a quick ascent in warmth levels, at first along the room’s roof, and then all through the whole space. Amid the initial a few minutes, roof temperatures can achieve 1,000°C (1,800°F). Over the course of the following couple of minutes, these temperatures will spread all through the room as the roof’s layer of hot gases relocates. Eventually, this gas layer acts like a stove’s oven, superheating and touching off all combustibles in the room. By then, the room and all inside it are totally pulverized.

The fire would then be able to spread through open entryways and divider infiltrations, or through disguised divider and roof cavities to different spaces in the building. Eventually, if not stifled, the fire can prompt an aggregate loss of the building and its substance, also the loss of lives.

In view of these substances, the favored fire is the one that never occurs; this is the best way to really keep away from fire misfortunes. Regular energizes in healing centers incorporate paper, wood and plastic decorations, materials, synthetic concoctions, gases, and other burnable segments of the building. Average start sources incorporate electrical and lighting hardware, warming and cooling frameworks, cigarette utilize, cooking, office gear, additional lines, sustenance and refreshment planning, and warming gear.

Fire counteractive action

Fire counteractive action exercises should thusly center around restricting the communication of energizes and start sources. This should begin with a total Fire and safety examination review of the property to distinguish all combustibles and potential warmth delivering gadgets. The subsequent stage is to kill every single superfluous fuel and warmth sources. Perceiving the truth that add up to disposal is outlandish, at that point safety measures ought to be taken to ensure that the two components don’t meet up.

Basic fire dangers regularly include:

  • Inappropriately greased up fan engines and worn drive belts
  • Frayed or physically harmed wiring
  • Lights in closeness to paper or texture
  • Being used yet unattended cooking hardware
  • Over-burden electric circuits
  • Inappropriately kept up or failing warming, ventilating, and cooling gear
  • Office hardware left running constantly
  • Smoking by patients or guests

Synthetic compounds or oxygen inappropriately treated

Oil-and dissolvable doused clothes can unexpectedly touch off and ought to be expelled from the building. The capacity of fuel and propane compartments inside structures ought to be dodged.

Successful fire counteractive action eventually turns into the duty of all who utilize the doctor’s facility. Be that as it may, there ought to be an assigned individual or gathering of individuals with in general specialist for checking and redressing lacks on a progressing premise. Proficient help from the nearby fire division, your insurance agency, or a fire-designing expert having some expertise in the security of clinic properties all can be significant wellsprings of assistance. They can direct an underlying fire hazard investigation, prescribe restorative activities and assurance techniques, and help with setting up a fire counteractive action program.

Fire assurance measures

Shockingly, not all fires can be counteracted. Mishaps, catastrophes – regardless of whether man-made or characteristic – and extreme climate conditions with lightning strikes happen as do intermittent fire related crime assaults. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in its distributed record, NFPA 101, the Life Safety Code, gives least prerequisites to the plan, task, and support of doctor’s facility structures and different structures for safety to life from fire and comparative crises. The Code necessitates that new and existing structures take into account incite escape or to give individuals a sensible level of safety through different means.

The Life Safety consultancy pursues two methodologies. It characterizes risks alongside general prerequisites for the methods for departure, fire security highlights (e.g., fire entryways), and building administration and fire assurance gear (e.g., warming ventilating and cooling frameworks, sprinkler frameworks or fire recognition frameworks, restricted quenchers). Next, the Code sets out life safety prerequisites that shift with a building’s utilization.

The Life Safety Code has distinctive arrangements, contingent upon the sort of inhabitance and whether the building is new or a current development. This code can be utilized related to a construction law or alone in wards that don’t have a construction law set up.

Introduce fire cautions appropriately. It might appear to be a simple activity, yet missteps can be made when introducing or supplanting smoke indicators and fire alerts. The quantity of finders, their arrangement and position, and testing recurrence will all assume a job in your level of safety and security.

Focus on cooking and warming gear. Alongside open flares, warming and cooking gear is an essential wellspring of start in the home – and it might put you in danger more than you understand.

Plan your break course. Regardless of whether you know the building admirably, don’t expect you can without much of a stretch get yourself to safety amid a fire. All things considered, thick smoke, serious warmth, and general bedlam can over-burden your faculties, abandoning you caught and befuddled if a fire were to break out.

Know how to pick and utilize a fire quencher. You likely run over fire dousers off and on again, however have you at any point realized what types exist, how to pick the correct one for the circumstance, and how to utilize it legitimately?

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Foremost Reasons for Acquiring Rubber Stamps in Melbourne

rubber stamp

No doubt, in these days, businesses/firms in Melbourne are highly appreciating the idea of gracing their business with low cost value addition. This low spending acquisition can dispense many rapturous factors such as a) strengthen brand awareness b) revamp red-tape and coordination c) removes geographic barriers for decision making d) improves work flow e) curtails excessive work load f) empower delegation and lot of things which are cardinal for strategic success of a business. That is why, it has been noticed that every business always opt to acquire bewitching rubber stamps in order to leave favorable perception in mind of every user of a document/company’ letter head. Not only for businesses/enterprises, it cannot be denied that all Government institutions always prefer to engrave a unique seal on their official papers which would not merely authenticate the source of origin but also proffer a specific meaning in the context in which a document/notice is drafted and served. So, it can be argued that these official seals are uttermost important amenities for every business, hospitals, agencies and Government organisations. Further, Government officials and small sized private businesses also choose to own a unique signature so that one can modernize the work flow by usage of valid engraved initials. Following paramount reasons should also be envisaged in order to establish purpose and importance of rubber stamps:

Low cost and flexibility

How strenuous is for a company/firm to spend too much for streamlining internal processes and standard operation procedures? How stringent is to arrange a cost effective mode which not merely improve work management but also cater for better coordination? No doubt, when anyone initially ponder about these aspects, one would always find them a holocaust. However, attention can be drawn on this magical utility of modern’s day of merchandise, rubber stamps melbourne, which can dispense lucrative remedies for these utmost concerns. Yes, it would not be wrong to say that it is most efficient and cost effective intangible which always add value. Moreover, one should have to accept that in Melbourne, by virtue of adroit suppliers of these facilities, these utilities can be obtainable in several sizes, shapes, colors and tailor made options so that every business/institution can acquire this useful essential as per their demands. This immense flexibility is it-self a notable factor.

Better management and decision making

For multinationals or big enterprises, no one can disagree with the fact that this blissful intangible always revamp decision making. For example, removal of geographical barriers to sign a document always culminates in better management and handling of operations. Moreover, within an organisation, it would not be time taking to get approval on a document through different levels of hierarchy as senior managers/directors can grant acquiescence through a printed signature with minimal verbal communication. It not only saves ample time but also implement an internal control to manage decisions and work flow. So, this remunerative facility always saves time and tweak business management remarkably.

Confidentiality and validation

Undisputedly, the most pivotal feature of these endorsements rest with confidentiality and authenticity. This is because these stamps own implied confidentiality. A legal document which is inscribed with an official seal always convey a meaning of high importance and originality. This blissful provision always cater for standardization and overhauling of business operations/workflow. Moreover, these printed signatures can be attainable in Melbourne in many disparate shapes, designs, and sizes so that everyone can use this facility as one wants. Further, everyone would be glad to know that in contemporary world of merchandise, these beatific accessories can be procured online via internet. So, everyone can acquire this valuable in its premises in most expedient manner.

Hence, purchasing legal endorsements and seals is extremely crucial. Businesses/companies cannot even survive in absence of this euphoric signature. Besides of its principal purpose, it also aid in enhancing brand awareness in mind of people. Most important thing, it is highly cost efficient, flexible and effective marketing tool. As action speaks louder than words, this non-verbal communication always serve many purposes concurrently and hence, “every business/firm is persuaded to acquire custom made alluring rubber stamp which can simultaneously dispense several benefits responsible for success of a business.

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Why is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel called Iron Man of India?

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was a man of great physical and psychological strength. He was the man of his words. His youth was exceptionally modest, yet it hinted at his strong character and will. There are several incidences in his life which led him toward the title of the iron man of India. These episodes of his life made him one of the prophetic pioneers of India. It was his diligent work and knowledge that made him “Iron man”. In this article, we will find out the facts why Vallabhbhai Patel  is known as the Ironman or how he earned this title.

It was Vallabhbhai Patel’s effort and policies that makes India a secure, united and developed nation called Hindustan, after Kautilya Vishnu Gupta Chankya. At the time of independence, British govt has offered independence to small princy state which will divide the country into several small pieces. This will mean independence from British rule but the integrity of the nation will be shattered. Patel has examined their arrangement policy well and chose to make one united nation. He originated his famous “Sam-daam-dand-bhed” strategy to combine all the princely stated together. Majority of kings and princes support Vallabhbhai Patel vision as united India. For those who did not corporate were forced by him by radical measures. If Jawaharlal Lal Nehru has listened to his tactics at the time of nation’s independence, the nation will not be divided into two parts.

Sardar Patel treated Armpit wound with Heated Iron Rod

Vallabhbhai Patel was always recognized as a strong man. In his childhood, he burnt his armpit boil with a hot iron rod to kill the infection. This was a very painful procedure yet Vallabhbhai did it himself at a very little age without any hesitation. This particular act of bravery and strong will shocked everyone in his village.

Hard Working

Vallabhbhai Patel borrowed books from attorneys and completed his education in a small period of two years.  He gained his psychological strength when he was in England and he completed his graduation in only a couple of years. Everybody was astonished to see a person gaining top positions in every exam who didn’t have any formal instruction.

This was the courageous story that made the fighter Vallabhbhai Patel, the iron man of Indian politics. His psychological capacities were far ahead from any other individual back then and his physical quality was unbelievable. Above mentioned are few reasons why Vallabhbhai Patel is known as the Iron Man of India.

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3 most exotic and the rarest diamonds on earth

When you debate on diamonds, the quality, and its rarity should be equal to its value. Naturally, the price range of diamonds depends on the uniqueness and absence of colour on them because the ones without any hues are considered to be the purest and the rarest. The fancy colour diamonds of the colours like saturated pink, green, and blue diamond’s that are above the budget range are also the rarest of all.

Even the slightest colour difference in the diamonds can get a huge difference in their prices. A few black can are also sold using Swarovski Crystals . As compared to the fancy yellow and brown diamonds, a diamond that comes with an eminent sign of any other colour are also given more priority than others, and even if they are found in lighter tones or poor saturation, they are categorized to the fancy colours.

Some of the rarest colours of diamonds include red, pink, and green with slightly medium to dark tones and moderately saturated. If you looking for sparkle like diamond and short of budget you may try cubic zirconia

Red diamonds

The diamonds that are red are the rarest diamonds in the world, and the genuine red diamonds don’t exist or have not been discovered yet. The ones that are found in the market today are available in a shade of red with a tinge of purple or brownish. Two of the most famous red colour stones of all time is the Mousaieff red and the Hancock red diamonds. These are among the most famous diamonds available in the market because of its high price.

Pink diamonds

The pink colour diamonds are the most popular in the market as compared to the yellow and white diamonds. The pink shade diamonds are popular because of their feminine and romantic colours and at the same time because of their impressive investment potential as well. Women love pink coloured diamonds because of its beauty and passionate appearance. The Graff Pink, Steinmetz Pink, and the Perfect Pink are some of the demanded pink stones in the market today.

Green diamonds

These are the fanciest gemstones of all, and it is impossible to notice if any type of the artificial enhancement has been done in the green diamond to enhance the colour. The green diamonds are a lot different from that of other coloured stones that cannot be enhanced easily. This is why most of the diamond cutters leave a natural tone along the thin border of the stone to reduce the grade clarity of the gemstone. Some of the rarest of the green gemstones include Dresden green and the ocean dream diamond.

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Path Of Exile: Unlimited Poe Currency!

POE Currency

Gamers live in their own world and the gaming world is rather fascinating. There are many popular games which have the power to make anyone a game addict, one such popular game is the path of exile which is played by players all over the world. It is free of cost and developed by a famous company. It can be played on phones as well as computers. The gameplay is easy and interesting. Being the player you have to control a character and using it, you can explore the outside which includes caves, dungeons. The area is explored and is generated randomly and a map is provided to each player to explore the area. In the starting, six classes are offered to the newcomers. Each class is connected with core attributes namely dexterity, strength, and intelligence. The main motto is to unlock the final class called Scion. The active skills are transformed with the help of supportive gems. This game is one of kind because it doesn’t involve any currency while playing the game. The economics of this game is based on the barter system of ‘currency items’. These are different from conventional currencies and have their own specific use. There are different roles played by different currency items like equipment upgradation, identifying items, and creating portals.

What is the currency system in the path of exile?

The currency system circulates around a different variety of things called scrolls and orbs. There is no specific currency but currency items are in the game. Each different currency items is designated to perform a different function in the crafting and betterment of a player’s equipment. Currency items are being exclusively used to pay for the players in player trading. These items can be found anywhere and bought from the local vendors in the town. They have a big role to play in case of player trading.

What is Poe currency?

When it comes to the path of exile, a very explicit term, Poe currency is used. It is nothing but a currency which is the basis of the economic system. It consists of different varieties of items or orbs or currency. In a nutshell, it can be regarded as the currency used only in the path of exile game. It can be called a currency item and it helps in enhancement and crafting of the character’s equipment. Different Poe goods can be purchased using this currency item including players and other things involved in the game.

Game development and market value

This is one of the most popular games of the present time and the youngsters as well as kids are crazy about it. They love to spend their leisure time playing this game. The development of the game started at a small scale but it has received much popularity till date. Thanks to the variable and vibrant characters and obviously the unique currency system. All this makes it a perfect game and has held a better grip in the gaming market even today. Its latest version as of 2017 is the war of the Atlas.

The impact of the path of exile in the gaming world

It has a stronger impact in the gaming world as well as the gamers. The developer of the game wanted to develop a unique and interesting game and came up with the path of exile. From the day of its release, it has caught hold of the market due to a loyal and keen audience which is always ready to play the game anytime and anywhere. It has also been named game of the year and has over five million registered players.

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Where to buy real estate property in Lisbon, Portugal?

Real Estate Property in Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal with the largest in size in the country. Lisbon has been very popular amongst the Portuguese who called it the most livable city of the country with more than 1 million people live in the outskirts areas of the city.

Owing to the lower prices of rental homes and living expenditure on the part of the people comparatively to the other major metropolitan cities of Western Europe, the city of Lisbon has potential to attract the huge number of foreign migrants that ultimately increase appeal of the cosmopolitan. One can engage in a lot of adventurous and entertainment activities offered by the city of Lisbon such as you can easily visit the nearby beach town that will give you the opportunity to relax yourself after engaging in the busy and hectic life.

If you are planning to settle in the city of Lisbon with your family member, you would not have to worry about anything as the city offers the best facilities in the shape of numerous public and private international standard schools and educational institutions.   

Lisbon is considered to be the very attractive and stunning city as far as real estate property is concerned. It seems to have the thriving and ever-growing investment property market that has the lower prices as compare to the many other cities of the Western Europe. As the matter of the fact, if you are unable to speak Portuguese, you may find it hard to get over with the financial and legal complexities that come along with the buying of real estate property.

In an attempt to find out the perfect real estate property in Lisbon, all you have to do is to seek out the reputable location agent and professional lawyer who can help you in avoiding the problems amid the process of buying home. If you are thinking to establish your settlement in the city of Lisbon, then certainly, you would need a place to live comfortably.

It has been estimated that approximately, 75% of the inhabitants and locals of Lisbon have their own home than having the rental home that shows that rate is 10% higher than the homeownership rate in other countries such as USA or UK. In the city of Lisbon, there are as such no restrictions or technical complexities in the process of purchasing home or real estate property as the foreigner. And the most importantly, the real estate sector in Lisbon seems to be very well-established along with the booming prospects of success in times to come.      

It has been said that property in Portugal seems to be risky investment owing to the economic deprivation that took place in the years of 2012 and 2013. As the result, the average value of the property homes and houses decreased to the greater extent followed by the recovery of the market in 2013 that ultimately showed the positive signs of the growth in real estate property in Lisbon. In the year of 2016, the value and prices of the Lisbon increased with the metropolitan increased around 2.6% in a year.

If you are the foreigner willing to purchase the property in Lisbon, Portugal, you do not have to worry about its process. There seems to be neither difficult requirements, nor paperwork so it would allow you to get over with buying of home easily and conveniently. If you purchase the house in the country of Portugal as the third country national, you would be given the golden visa that would enable you to have the 5 year residency, given property is purchased for over euro 500,000.

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Landscaping maintenance


Landscaping and its beautiful designs play the vital role in the development and maintenance of the homes and houses. It helps to give the attractive view and outside appearance of a home that has potential to add value and worth to the value of the property of your settlement. You can have the good and healthy time at your yard and lawn that is filled with lawn, trees and plantations and forestry, colorful flowers and the most importantly, garden boxes. You can have the relaxing environment and fresh air once you get over with your work at the office.

Owning the home is not everything as you also need to maintain it well with the best landscaping and its facilities to make your home look attractive, beautiful and wonderful and appealing. This way, you can invite your neighbors and friends to your home by making them enjoy in the yard and lawn that belongs to your home. Tony & Joes Landscape along with the Landscaping Company in Reading PA is the company that offers the best facilities and services of landscaping and things related to this. It has the effective team and staff that are insured that go on to secure you as the client and customers. The company offers the multiple and multidimensional services to its valuable customer who wants to beautify their home through ensuring changes in landscape designs. The services of the company consist of hand pruning, systemic irrigation, and drainage mechanism and different types of planting and installation process.

It is the company that pride on its unmatchable and unparalleled skill to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through its best project management and evaluation, exceptional and personal attention given to the clients and customers, highly effective and best quality products and material used for the landscaping, and the most importantly, community enhancement with the customers and client it develops relationship with. It is the company that offers the services with an utmost dedication to the customer satisfaction with the ultimate aim of getting the loyal customers in return.

It believes in the honesty and integrity, respect and valuable services that its clients and customer deserves. We have the cutting edge technological instruments that help us to attain the ideal and perfect project management and installation. It believes in the healthy relationship with the customer that can only be possible if the company offers best and high-quality services.

Not only this, it also offers the platform where reasonable and fair prices are charged that enable customers belonging to the diverse walks of life to get the services without having any difficulty in paying the amount in exchange of the services delivered. It is the professional landscapers and staff that can meet the expectations of the customer no matter whatever the size of the project would turn out to be i.e. large or small. It is the perfect platform where you would be able to make your dream come true. If you want your home to look attractive having the best lawn and colorful yard, you have landed at the right place.

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