FDA Finds GM Modified Pesticides in American Honey

A freedom of information request concerning levels of pesticide found in honey from locations across the United States has left a bitter taste in consumer’s mouths.

The FDA has concluded that the weedkiller glyphosate – a probable human carcinogen according to the World Health Organisation – is pervasive and can be found even in foodstuffs where glyphosate is not used in their production.


Glyphosate in the Food Chain

Glyphosate is the most widely used weedkiller in the world, and one that the FDA has not tested for in decades. But after a rebuke from the US Government Accountability Office, and a series of independent tests that disclosed the extent to which glyphosate had entered the food chain, the FDA began testing this year.

Independent tests claim to have detected glyphosate in breast milk, soy sauce, and infant formula and now the FDA have confirmed the presence of glyphosate residue in honey – even produce labelled ‘organic’. In fact FDA emails reveal the difficulty of finding any samples that did not contain at least some traces of weedkiller.

No Safe Level

Glyphosate was patented by Monsanto in the 1970s and rapidly became the most widely used weedkiller in the world. Monsanto caused controversy in the 1990s by producing GMO ‘Roundup Ready’ crops that were immune to glyphosate and could be sprayed directly.

Public concern over the effects of GMO crops has been exacerbated by the WHO ruling on glyphosate and concerns that, unlike in Europe, there are no safe levels or tolerances for glyphosate in everyday foods like honey.

With tests revealing that many of the honey samples showed levels twice those of the allowable limit in the EU, pressure groups like the Consumers Union are turning up the heat on Monsanto and the FDA, claiming that prolonged exposure to trace glyphosate carries a raft of health risks including non-Hodgkin lymphoma and kidney and liver ailments.

Expensive Testing Meets Public Concerns

Although the FDA have now found one testing solution, it seems clear there is renewed public interest in ensuring the safety of the food we eat. Companies like now play a greater role in helping companies through the FDA 510k clearance process to bring new testing procedures to market.

For the concerned US consumer, ensuring the food security and safety is clearly a paramount issue.

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Patanjali “Swadeshi” Jeans: Baba Ramdev’s New Industrial Venture


After occupying entire industry of Indian market, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev is all set to begin his new inning in the apparel market. Few times back, he and his venture Patanjali launched various noodles to grab the attention of people over the Maggie noodles controversy. He is already famous for various household products and now his announcement to entering in apparels market surely creates some buzzes in the leaders of this sector.

What are the plans?

Well, Baba Ramdev loves to be in the news. Time to time, he always gets succeed to make some news not only in the Indian newspapers, but also in world newspapers. In an interview after the announcement, he disclosed the entire idea of launching Swadeshi Jeans. He said that “the whole idea of launching jeans and apparel brands began from when someone asked me for Patanjali yoga wear.

After this, I thought why not we should launch the entire range of dresses. He said that “Paridhaan” will be the name of his brand in which they include the entire range of various clothes for everyone including jeans. He also quotes “We will create men’s and women’s dresses, not only conventional Indian garments but also new modern wear like jeans”. Funnily, he said that just because I am a Yoga guru or Baba does not mean we cannot tie knot spirituality with modernity. We can create and develop some magic, let’s say Desi Jeans.

In addition, he also said that if we are struggling to carry economic freedom for our nation from international and multi-national companies by endorsing native and organic goods, we must carry our own brand in the apparel market. It will definitely set another benchmark for Yoga guru-turned-industrialist Ramdev Baba‘s group Patanjali.

Highlights of the statement:

He is like an eye-candy at the present time for India newspapers. He said to the press that his venture is already setup its production units in Bangladesh and Nepal. He added our herbal household and other stuff have already arrived in the areas of Middle East and gaining popularity day by day. It is already popular in some countries like Saudi Arabia. He also included later, we must focus in poor countries as the earnings from those countries will be used for their development and progression. He played a political card by saying, our entrance to Afghanistan and Pakistan will generally depend on the current political circumstances, and if the condition is politically favorable, units will be put up in these countries.

Ramdev Baba has now become a smart market player. He knows everything and understands very well how to grab attentions without creating any controversial buzz. Well, what result will come out we will surely see it after sometimes, but the concept of Swadeshi jeans definitely found some space among people on social channels for a weekend joke.

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Understanding the Use of Ball Mills in Wet Grinding

The use of ball mills for wet grinding of various materials is a very common and efficient process. Ball mills are used to grind raw materials, ores and minerals (like lime or limestone) for flue desulphurization, coal and several other raw materials.

Ball mills can be of two types, based on the different ways materials are discharged. These are:

— The Overfall type, and;

— The Grate type

They are suitable for not just wet grinding but dry grinding as well. Wet mills are designed as overflow mills and they are often operated in closed or open grinding circuits.


A ball mill is made up of a cylindrical shell which is hollow and rotates around its axis. The shell’s axis could be horizontal or could be positioned at a small angle to the horizontal. A part of it is filled with balls. What makes the grinding possible are these balls.

The balls are often made from different materials like ceramic, steel, rubber or stainless steel. There is usually a material lining the inner surface of the cylindrical shell which is resistant to abrasion. This material is usually rubber or manganese steel. The mills lined with rubber tend to experience the least wear and tear. The diameter of the mill is about the same as its length.

How it works

A ball mill hardly ever stops working. What is meant to be grounded is fed into the mill from the left through a 60° cone and the product is released from the right through a 30° cone. The rotation of the shell lifts  up of the balls on the side of the shell. These keep rising before they drop down to the feed from around the top of the shell. Through this process, the large solid particles between the ground and the balls have their sizes reduced drastically by repeated impacts.

Application of Ball Mills

The ball mill is used to grind different materials such as feldspar for pottery. There are two methods of grinding: the dry and wet grinding. However, in this post, our focus is on wet grinding alone, which is usually performed at low speeds.

Ball mills are used in pyrotechnics, except in the manufacture of flash powder because of its sensitivity to impact. Ball mills of high quality can grind materials to as small as 5 nanometers, but they are quite expensive.

The process of grinding is based on the critical speed principle which is understood as the speed after the steel balls begin to rotate in the direction of the cylindrical device. Ball milling has also proven to have a very high potential for increasing the reactivity of chemicals in the solid state and also effective in the production of amorphous materials.

Extensively, in the mechanical alloying process, ball mills are used in cold welding, the production of alloys from powder as well as for grinding. It does not matter the kind of material to be ground, whether wet or dry, the ball mill just gets the work done.


Author Bio:

Ravi Kumar is a mechanical engineer with over a decade of work experience in the manufacturing industry. He is a key member of the product architecture team at Chanderpur Group. He is always keen to to study and try out new technologies.

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Upcoming Notification for Latest Bank Jobs 2016


Nowadays, Indian Bank jobs are becoming the first priority for many fresher candidates as this is one of the most prestigious jobs not only in government sector but also in private sector and that’s why Public sector banks started new branches in rural and semi-urban areas due to facing more competition with private banks.

There are lot of interested and eligible candidates who have started preparation for banks so it is a good news for them as the notification for Latest Bank jobs 2016 for various posts like Clerk, Probationary Officer, Specialist Officer, Assistant level posts in various banks has been released.The aspiring candidates are eagerly looking forward for the Latest bank Jobs, that are now considered as the most trendy jobs.
Selection Procedure for Latest Bank jobs:-


  • The candidates apply for the job has to be an Indian citizen.
  • The candidate should possess minimum qualification as Bachelor’s degree.
  • Earlier for the post of clerk, minimum qualification was class 12th but now the graduation degree is required.
  • For the post of Specialist officer, the special degree like CA, ICWA, MBA, Law and other degree are required.

Selection procedure:

Written test: The written examination comprises of objective as well as descriptive based questions related to General awareness, quantitative aptitude, Reasoning and candidate’s knowledge about English essays, comprehension, precise writing etc. Both these test are conducted online.

The candidate is required to qualify each of the tests by securing passing marks that is to be decided by the bank. The candidate who clears the cut-off score would be then called for Personality test where candidate will have to face an interview board.

Check out for Top five Latest bank Jobs 2016:-
IBPS RRB Recruitment: IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) has released the notification so the eligible candidates who are looking for this job can apply online.

RBI Grade ‘B’ Officer: RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has announced the vacancies for Grade ‘B’ Officer in various departments like Economics and Policy Research, General, Statistics and Information Management. Candidates can apply online for this post.

SBI Recruitment: SBI (State Bank of India) invited applications for the recruitment of various post of Vice President, Senior Manager, Assistant Vice President, and Product Development. Eligible candidates can apply online.

PNB Recruitment: PNB (Punjab National Bank) invites applicants for the posts of Specialist Officer. Aspiring and eligible candidate can apply for this post.

Bank of Maharashtra recruitment: Bank of Maharashtra (BOM) released notification for the upcoming recruitment for the post of Probationary Officer-Scale I in JMG Scale I after the completion of one year Post Graduation Diploma in Banking and Finance.
These are all upcoming Latest bank Jobs for Clerk, PO and SO. Check for these above recruitments and apply online for all these posts as per your qualification.

Visit to to get the Latest Bank jobs 2016 alerts and notification. Prepare smartly for the bank jobs as it’s a very tough competition exam to clear and for more updates and information related to Latest bank Jobs, stay connected to us.

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Common Celebrity and Corporate Speakers’ Topics


Celebrities may be considered as the most controversial human beings. From grand issues, in the past or in present time, either a positive or a negative one, these personalities really shine brightest which makes the public curious about every bit of their life. It is not surprising that their audiences, the society, tend to adopt almost the whole packaging their celebrity favorites. These include the celebrity’s lifestyle, outfit preferences, mannerism, even their hairstyle, and most alarmingly, even using celebrities decision making strategies as a basis on coming up with a specific person’s own judgment.  In this era wherein accessibility to information are being delivered right in front of you, and the process of transmitting data only takes few moments through the mediums of web or a phone, it is stress-free to distribute knowledge regarding a certain issue, most frequently, concerning a celebrity’s life. Although, such technological progress would only be great if used with enough responsibility.

Moreover, celebrity’s fame doesn’t only tackle popularity because of the above aspects; these also include reputation-wrecker issues and experiences that surely hit the media’s and society’s ears, which likewise a burden to even the most experienced companies. It is no secret that many celebrities have fallen victims to drug addiction and dependence. The Hollywood industry has lost many young and talented actors because of drug-related problems and health issues. Alcohol abuse continuous to reign among causing extensive damages in forms of problems which may lead to fatal injuries or severe incidents if not prevented, and this topic has become one of the more popular ones that corporate speakers usually tackle. Celebrities where not exempted in murder-related issues. In fact, by conducting a simple research regarding this, you will see a couple of celebrity names listed under people who have killed, or been accused of committing such crime.

Meanwhile, aside from the negatives, there still remain positive stories of some celebrities, or at least, a negative start with a positive outcome. These embrace inspirational stories of three celebrities, namely:

Oprah Winfrey – It is just a small setback when Winfrey was fired from her first TV job because of excessive “emotional involvement” with her stories. But that is not enough to break her great deeds. Growing up in poverty and suffering abuse does not stop Winfrey from being a millionaire at the age of 32. Her inspiring story mainly encourages people to turn weaknesses into strengths.

Jay-Z – Making your own success when no one’s willing to help is what make Jay-Z story completely amazing. Growing up in Marcy Avenue housing projects located in Brooklyn, he decided to release some videos through singles-only deals, but unfortunately, no label would sign him. And so he and his friends risked creating their own record label named as the Roc-A-Fella Records. Their decision really paid off.

Steve Buscemi – Buscemi reminds us about the significance of never forgetting your roots. He is known as a Hollywood actor, director and a humble lifesaver. Before he hits the silver screen, Buscemi generously spent a week working 12-hours shifts to contribute in saving lives. And the best thing about this man is his refusal to discuss his firefighting activities in interviews.

Aside from the above life stories, there are still lots of other celebrities’ inspirational life stories that you may use as a motivation and guidance for your own. A good corporate speakers agency will tell you that not all celebrities are problematic as some are genuine human beings who have many good stories and experiences to share to people.These prove that in spite all negative feedbacks thrown among celebrities, if we will take a closer look together with broader understanding, we may harvest some life lessons that may be beneficial for today and up to our future.

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Top 3 Summer Flowers Used in Bouquets

Flowers are the best way to your feelings. They carry your words to the receiver in a soft and subtle way unlike any other mode of expressions. If you are in love, or you want to say sorry or just want to greet someone on their happiness or lend a consoling hand on their sad days; flowers can do it all for you.Summer FlowersYou just need to know what bouquets should be sent in what occasions. But flower bouquets also vary from one season to another, and this happens because the seasonal blooms change as the season changes. It is always a very good idea to use fresh seasonal flowers in a bouquet as it adds present colour of the season to your expressions. In case of flower bouquet delivery in Jaipur, one can always order fresh bouquets from online websites.

Summer is in full bloom now. So the summer blooms are the best things that you can add to your flower bouquet if you want to send it to someone. This is the season full of lovely and bright colours. The burst in colour that flowers have in this season gets added to the bouquet, and it looks even more elegant. So, your summer flower bouquet should actually include these flowers; at least one of them.

These are the common flowers which one can use in their summer bouquets.

Hydrangeas: This is a lovely summer bloom, which is available in a variety of colours among which the blue ones are the most popular and common. It is the favourite colour of the season too. But, these pretty flowers are though summer born these should be kept strictly away from the sun once it is plucked and tied in a bouquet. It is used in a flower bouquet to make it look full and it ties together to look like a cluster forming into a lovely bouquet.

Lavender: This flower is famous for its mesmerizing fragrance. This is gorgeous to look at and is of rich indigo blue colour, and when it is added in a summer flower bouquet, it adds more class to it. One can also add lavenders along with a bunch of tulip or fresh water lilies, and it will bring a majestic charm into the flower bouquet. All the summer freshness packed in one string.

Stocks: This is also a beautiful summer bloom, which grows best in the sun. The flowers are available in variety of colours like pink, blue, red and white and one can mix all the colours in a single flower bouquet to make it look like a rainbow. If someone wants to gift a colourful bouquet, then these blooms are perfect.

For online flower bouquet delivery in Jaipur, one can go and choose many other summer flowers if one wants to gift a summer bouquet to someone. So, this summer go ahead and pick a bouquet for your loved ones with full of summer freshness, which will add colour to your expressions and beauty.

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FAMILY LAW – Understand Your Requirements & Budget


Divorce is always painful, particularly when it is yours. However, some lawyers take pleasure in the dealings of divorce and honor to be called the King of Divorce.

Whether you are fighting to have alimony, or your wealth is at risk, you would always want the best family law attorney on your side of the bench. Family law or matrimonial law is a delicate issue, which should be handled by a wise and experienced lawyer. When you have decided to get divorced, the first major thing is to select a good family law attorney to guide you and represent your case.

Understand your requirements

First, you need to understand your own requirements about the method you want to adopt to process the divorce. If you do not have any communication left with your spouse, you might find it difficult to talk about issues to be settled. However, if you are amicable enough to talk it out with your humble spouse, you are going to have much easier time. You can also decide to hire a divorce mediator rather than a family law attorney if it suits your needs. You may also want to choose whether your attorney should be young, old, male, female, etc. It all depends on your comforts.

Determine your budget

Your budget is a major factor in deciding upon the attorney you want to hire. Different fees are there for various attorneys depending upon their type and size of the firm, their specialization, and experience. The more specialized and experienced attorney is, the more they will charge on an hourly basis. Assess your circumstances and needs and then decide what your budget to afford a lawyer is.

Do your research

It is better to explore the attorneys practicing in your region. You may also find a service for lawyer referrals that may help you to find a family law attorney. You can also browse for lawyers online or give a look at the yellow pages for family law firms. Do not settle on the first name you see. You can also try to find some reviews of the lawyers you discover. Make sure that you select a lawyer, who specializes in fields such as mediation, collaboration, litigation, etc.

Consult your relatives and friends

You might have a friend or relative who has gone through a divorce. Talk to them about how you should talk to an attorney and what you should expect. It is better to contact an attorney with the referrals of your family or friends.

Ask as many questions as you can

When you are going to meet an attorney for the first time, make sure that you enquire as much as possible. You can find an attorney who gives a free initial consultation. Make the most of this discussion and ask basic questions. You can ask the following questions from a family law attorney:

  • What is your experience in handling family law cases?
  • What is your area of expertise?
  • Are you familiar with the judge of the court, who will possibly decide upon my case?
  • Who are your previous clients?

What are the criteria of fees you charge?

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How to Control Unwanted Plants in Your Garden without Spending a Fortune

Control Unwanted Plants in Your Garden

Your garden may have complete equipment and tools like cultivator, rake, spade, loopers, watering can, rain water tanks, among others, but you may still lack the capacity to control unwanted plants. Garden spraying has been widely used in Australian gardens because they are very effective in getting rid of unwanted plants which can delay and compromise the growth of other plants. Weed control greatly helps in controlling and getting rid of unwanted plants in gardens and farms, and in order to understand more about it, it is important that we discuss about how you can take advantage of it. It is also important to discuss the potential risks of improper use of herbicides to minimize its harmful effects to humans and plants.

Taking care of your lawn, garden, or farm can be a fairly simple task, but when unwanted weeds or plants start to grow and deprive your plants from thriving, everything becomes a bit more complicated. It is not uncommon to see unwanted plants grow in your garden or farm, and one of the most effective ways to get rid of them is by proper weed elimination. A product that has been trusted over the years is herbicide or weed killer. Herbicides are super effective in controlling and eliminating unwanted plants in gardens and farms. By choosing the proper herbicide for your garden or farm, you can easily get rid of the pesky and annoying weed. They say prevention is better than cure, so you might also want to consider using pre-emergent weed killer. This herbicide will prevent growth of unwanted plants in your garden or farm, so you don’t have to deal with them in the future.

The good thing about farm or weed spraying is that you can eliminate unwanted plants without resorting to trial and error method. This makes the task at hand much easier and more cost-effective. In early days, gardeners and farmers had to weed out unwanted plants with their hands one by one, making the task time-consuming and taxing. However, when herbicides were introduced in the market, weed management has never been easier. By spraying herbicides, you can be sure that the pesky plants will be gone in no time. In a nutshell, all you have to do is to spray and let the chemical do the rest of the work for you.

While spraying of unwanted plants is very effective in controlling and eliminating unwanted weeds and plants, it should be used with extra care because they can be harmful to your desired plants and even to you. This is why you should use herbicides properly, ensuring that you follow all the instructions to prevent any safety issues. Weed control and management can be tricky for some because one herbicide may not be applicable to some plants. Hence, it is important that you pick the right for your weed management needs. If you don’t have experience in using herbicides, it is advised that you consult with professional gardeners or farmers first to know which type of chemical to buy. It is extremely important to choose the right herbicide and to use it properly because such product is made of chemicals, which may not only harm your precious plants but you as well.

If you are sick and tired of pulling and weeding out unwanted plants in your lawn or garden, then perhaps it is the right time to consider buying herbicides. Garden supply stores that sell items like rakes, spades, and rain water tanks usually carry various kinds of weed killers; choose the ones that are applicable to your needs. You may consult with the store’s staff to know which one to get. You may also order herbicides online, but make sure to carefully read the instructions to know whether or not that particular product is the right for your weed management needs.

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Contentmart – Redefining Content Marketplace

Clients are constantly on the lookout for Web Content Writers. Likewise, freelance content writers are always scouting for writing jobs online. Although technology has made it easier for the Content Writers in India to connect and network with clients across the world, the absence of an exclusive content marketplace has bothered them for a long time now. As content providers, they are always searching for better paying freelance writing jobs. They might have found an answer in the form of Contentmart.

As the content requirement is an ongoing phenomenon, the demand for Content writing services is high. While writing work from home seem to be an attractive proposition, in the actual scenario, things are not always as easy as it seems. Web content writers have to scout for work on a constant basis and very often, they are forced to take up online writing jobs that pay very less. This is mainly because in most of these systems, the writer has no power or right to suggest his fee or terms of employment.

freelance content writers

However, if a Content writer is working through Contentmart, he is empowered. Whether it is blog writing or article writing the copywriter gets a chance to quote his fee and suggest his deadline. Freelance writing used to be a clients market and now, with the advent of Contentmart, the freelance content writers are able to voice their opinion. As a whole, it has created a win-win situation for both the blog copywriter and the client.

Thanks to Contentmart, the web content writers in India are able to find online writing jobs that pay according to their skills and expertise. Content providers find this platform useful and highly rewarding. On the other hand, the clients are able to find quick solutions to their content requirements, as high quality Indian freelance writers can be recruited through Contentmart.

Content writers from all over the country, whether it is content writers in Bangalore or content writers in Delhi, are finding this content marketplace the ideal place to be hired. What makes Contentmart different from the other portals is the fact that it is an exclusive portal for content needs. It is the ideal place to find online writing jobs such as copywriting, article writing, blog writing and many more. If you were looking for specialised jobs like that of content editors or a blog copywriter, you would find jobs that match your skills on Contentmart.

content writersContentmart is the right place to get the best content writing service. You can even opt for localised writers like content writers in Hyderabad, content writers in Mumbai or content writers in Chennai if you require localised or regional content.

Thanks to Contentmart, getting writing work from home has become easier than ever before. Guaranteed payments and an almost unlimited supply of work are the added advantages.

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Tips on Writing Newspaper Editorial Format

One of the frequently asked assignment, newspaper editorial is a type of academic writing, editorial piece, for a major newspaper or magazine. The topics for editorials vary dramatically. The editorial’s major goal is to present a newspaper article, where a student is expresses his own opinion.If this goal is achieved, it means that custom Newspaper Commentary Paper assignment is carried out in the best way possible. Thanks to a wide range of topics for editorials, this particular type of writing should build certain credibility, meaning that your opinion should be supported with facts and evidence.

Newspaper Commentary Paper – Researching
Before you start writing, perform an extensive research to locate a point of view you wish to argue. In your editorial, you state the issues along with solutions. Many students confess that a newspaper editorial is hard to write, but with some effort this task can be executed. As a result, you will gain the most valuable experience and learn a lot throughout the process.

For the writing process to go smoothly, you have to find personal initiative and passion, then choose a topic that you truly care about as a writer. Follow these simple steps to make your newspaper editorial stand out.

Steps for Writing A+ Newspaper Editorial

• Choose Your Topic Wisely
Being the most important part of writing a newspaper editorial, finding a topic should be both easy and difficult task. Honestly, the current issues of today’s society are the hottest topics to choose from and they will give your much feedback from your readers’ audience. We strongly suggest to select a topic on current issue that everyone is interested in.
As a result, writing an editorial piece will be easy because your primary goal will be to engage the readers’ attention. When you select the topic you have to make sure that you can find the most relevant and recent information related to it. Old information can be used too but as abackground to build your argument.

• Choose Your Side – Your Opinion
When writing a newspaper editorial piece, you have to determine your personal opinion on the problem. You have to choose the side whether you are for or against the issue. The purpose of your editorial is to share what you think, write your honest opinion as a writer. Imagine that readers are very much interested to learn your personal point of view and keep on writing until you are done.

• Brainstorming and Outlining Your Editorial
What seems to be the most dreadful step, the editorial outline may come to you easier than you think. You can start with brainstorming useful-free-online-tools-for-students ideas for your paper. Then organize them into well laid out points to have a complete idea of what you wish to say in your article.As a rule, newspaper editorials should provide at least three arguments that are supported with facts provided by extensive and credible research of the topic.

• Arguments Love Statistics
The strongest argument is always the last to be listed. Weak arguments do not win the audience.The strongest argument will win over readers and they will read the entire newspaper editorial to the end, meaning that you have succeeded.

• Conclusion of the Newspaper Editorial
The conclusion will repeat the thesis statement presented in the introduction, but it should be rephrased. The last paragraph of your editorial will sum up all of the arguments, supporting the topic.A good conclusion leaves the reader with desire to think about the issue they read about in your editorial. The readers will continue thinking about the topic or issue and look for solutions, which means that your article was successful.

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