Amazing Combo of Rajasthani Folk and Sufi Music!

Music lovers who love both spirited Rajasthani Traditional Folk and soulful Sufi Kalams have some reasons to smile. Rajasthani Band, ‘Barmer Boys’ which performs Manganiyar tradition of Rajasthan has taken their music one step forward. The band has started performing fusion for the global music lovers.

rajasthani folks song
rajasthani folks song

The band features drummer Rais Khan along with vocalist and amazing harmonium player Manga Khan. Tarif Khan is the dholak player in the band. If sources are to be believed, ‘Barmer Boys’ have already staged their magnificent performance already in several events. Audience has witnessed their beautiful performance in events like Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Escape Festival and the Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

According to some sources, the music and the presentation of this band have immensely praised by the music lovers. It was MTV Coke Studio season 3 from where audience cane to know about this dual music experience. Not only that, the talented band released their first album in 2011 with Amarrass records.

Initially their new experiment went wrong and people didn’t like it much. But with the fleeting time they have modified their songs and presentation and have appeared with exclusive songs selection. They added new numbers like Bolo toh Mitho Lage, Hum bhi Jaaney, Parosan le Gayi re to name a few. Manga Khan has sung these songs and has set the stage on fire. Along with Manga Khan, Rais Khan is also too impressive with folk instruments like khartal, bhapang and morchang. The band tries to blend these two different genres to present a new style in front of Indian Youth.

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Manga Khan aka Mangey said “Sufiyaan music has a strong presence near the border; we’ve heard this music day and night. I really like Sufi music, but when we perform, I have to sing Rajasthani folk music as well.” So, we can say that a new era of perfect blend of music has started and ‘Barmer Boys’ will soon represent India in Global Platform and how.

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