Recent reports published by Technology Business Research Inc.’s (TBR) 2H14 cloud customer research claims that global users have begun to hire cloud service vendors. This is a new finding in the field of private and public cloud vendors. At a similar pace, businesses in Rajasthan are also treating cloud computing services as the entry point for both leadership and edification.

The complete cloud vendor camp can be broadly categorised into two parts namely ‘born on cloud’ vendors which target growth and the ‘traditional vendors’. While the former cannot sustain losses on the long term, the later are contending to stay true to some tenured portfolios. These providers are appealing to cloud buyers. In the long run, some ‘best of breed’ model will come up which would basically be a hybrid solution.

There still is a lack of vendor-led education as well as case studies. No wonder that cloud buyers are liable for internet searches and are looking forward to customer reviews. Yet the toughest barrier of cloud adoption is the secure nature of cloud delivery methods. This would result in security issues of area vendors who possess the outlook to differentiate and share the flexibility as far as prices are concerned.

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