Cloud facilitates an easy access to software applications, development platforms, and IT infrastructure. Hence it is more of a facilitator than an application. Cloud enables accounting tools, storage applications, and many more functionalities to perform in same manner as their on-site counterparts. However these cloud-based applications can be differentiated in terms of the way these are updated, billed, and managed at the backend.

Helpdesk functionality can be procured in the form of Software as a Service via cloud It is possible to overcome multiple issues of traditional help desk such as end user assistance and ticket resolution by transforming the same into an online service and by foregoing self hosting. However, while you are planning to purchase a cloud help desk solution, you need to consider few vital aspects that have been discussed in this article.

Attributes of ticket management

An ideal help desk solution should be able to dispose of fragmentation and confusion resulting due to dependence on emails or sticky notes. These desired attributes of an ideal help desk are possible with help of a cloud based help desk, thanks to the following features:

• Enables ticket submission via a user friendly web based portal as an effective alternative to email
• Tickets are auto-assigned and routed with respect to defined users categories, and priorities
• Facilitates robust control on ticketing process with graphical dashboards and consolidated activity streams
• Freedom to access commands for managing tickets even while on the go

Even though some of these features are available with on site solutions, the cloud help desk solution has ability to deliver these functionalities with hosting package that offers security and support from Cloud Service Provider.

Benefits of SaaS based help desk

Any SaaS hosting solution can be considered to provide good return on investment if the software is able to streamline the complex support and implementation processes that are related with multiple on premise solutions. It must provide far simpler way to configure servers via intuitive web browsers instead of server configuration after downloading software.

Cloud based SaaS help desk software supports a quick and hassle free setup that enables instant access to a superior ticketing system and also helps reduction of significant IT expenditure in the longer run. Compared with conventional approach to deployment of applications, SaaS has a proven track record of offering lower and more predictable costs.

Evaluation of ticket management

Ticket management and efficient tracking of tickets is the basis of any help desk solution. If your help desk software is capable of effectively organizing tickets while monitoring active workload, than the help desk system is considered to be efficient. Such help desk solution can be relied upon for exceptional resolution time as well as ticket throughput. This will also enhance overall efficiency of the organization.

While evaluating ticket management, you need to understand the way active workload is being presented and whether the ticket ordering is according to priority or SLAs. The entire process of ticket ordering needs to be visible at a glance.

Ticket management needs to facilitate ease of management by sorting tickets in accordance with their order of importance because some tickets need personal approval or attention by providing relevant details right within the dashboard, thereby minimizing need to dig deeper. Multiple tickets that are related to similar root cause must be grouped together by system.

Sharing of knowledge base

Help desk solution needs to be capable of creating a collective knowledge base that can be shared among the team in order to enhance response time and improve efficiency. This is because same issues keep on reappearing on number of occasions and these unnecessarily consume lot of efforts and time.

Help desk solutions enable in depth analysis and response evaluation of every reported issue. It is possible to evaluate performance of every team member with help of analytics.

Relevance of user-friendly interface

It is essential to offer an intuitive and comfortable interface to customers since they are usually impatient while accessing a help desk resource. Remarkable friendly User Interface is also useful to mitigate complexities associated with deployments.

Faster implementation of software

Rapid implementation of help desk solution that has a simplified approach saves time and efforts of IT teams. They are in a better position to meet their ROI goals. Implementation of new system and its subsequent testing, and training need not take more than four weeks for small to medium sized enterprises. The longer time may point to unsuitability of the solution for your organization.

It is always better to rule out bugs within the help desk software since these can impact rate of adoption leading to educed effectiveness of the system.

Vendor commitment

Any cloud help-desk solution banks on a solid support system of the vendor. One needs to ensure a robust technical backing by the vendor to ensure that the solution is always up and running.

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