Security Tips

There has been a dramatic upsurge in thefts from commercial vans recently, with a 77% increase in the value of items stolen from vans, with tools and equipment the most targeted.

Security Tips

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Having your van broken into can be a nightmare, causing you to lose time off work and deal with insurance companies and police. Meanwhile you may not be able to work because of the loss of valuable tools. Mobile security containers would help secure expensive equipment, and there is a wide range of high-security steel box solutions available, with or without drawers.


Installing a tracking system has several uses. Firstly, you can keep a track of where your vehicle is on a day to day basis, and then if the worst happens and your van is stolen, the tracking provider can send information to the police to enable them to catch the thief red-handed.


Van racking, like, keeps all your tools and equipment tidy and secure. If you are involved in an accident, the load will stay put, ensuring no damage to your equipment. It also provides a further hurdle for would-be thieves, who want to get their hands on your valuable tools.

Security Tips

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Vehicle livery

Advertising is an important tool in any business, so advertising your expertise on the sides of your works van can be a useful instrument for attracting new customers. On the other hand, it may well be a way of attracting unwanted thieves, who, through your advertising, have been alerted to the fact that expensive tools and equipment will be stored in the rear of the van. Consider the pros and cons before choosing vehicle livery – you might be better avoiding unwanted attention.

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Many works vans carry large bulky equipment on the roof of their vans. This is a high-security risk, as it is visible to would thieves. Ladders are one of the most common items stolen, so fitting lockable ladder clamps is a fairly cheap and easy way to keep them secure. Plumbers carry copper pipe and tubing which is valuable stock, but by installing a pipe tube carrier, you can keep the piping out of sight and safe from theft.

By implementing these security measures, you will not only ward off thieves but give yourself great peace of mind that your valuable hard-earned tools are safe and secure.


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