WordPress is a free open source CMS (Content Management System), which is developed with the help of a server-side programming language PHP in 2003 by two brilliant programmers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress is the easiest way to create a blog or a website for any purpose. Such as a business website, a personal blog, etc. can be easily build up and managed with WordPress rather than other available CMS. Individuals like to prefer this web development platform, for the development and creation of a trendy looking, and error-free websites, due to its easy and adaptable nature. Still, many users get stuck in the main section of WordPress, which is its theme.

When to develop a website using WordPress, the most interesting, crucial, and confusing part is to select a perfect theme. Let’s first discuss that what is WordPress themes, and then how to choose a theme?

What is WordPress Themes?

A theme is a collection of stylish and designer templates which are powered by WordPress and are used to give an alluring look and feel to a blog or a website. These themes are very flexible, this is why they can be customized and managed through the admin panel of WordPress under its Appearance section of the dashboard. In WordPress directory, there is a collection of a wide range of themes which are relevant to every business sector like Photography, Medicare, product display based and much more. From the whole collection of themes, there are both type of theme available in the directory Paid and Free themes as well.

Each theme completely differs from one another, as every single theme has their own structure, design and functionality. Due to the broad library of WordPress themes, choosing a perfect and best theme is a quite difficult task for WordPress users and developers. Before to select a theme a user has to keep in mind so many things such as the category of the theme that means, a theme must be niche with the users business or product, theme’s browser compatibility, it is responsive or not, it is SEO friendly or not.

To heal this confusion, here are all the required details about how to choose a WordPress theme. Let’s discuss about all the main factors which are helpful to select a perfect WordPress theme.

  • Mobile friendly of Responsive

A theme must be responsive. Here responsive or mobile friendly themes are referred to its layout and design structure must be fit and adjustable on each every screen size of gadgets like mobiles, tablets, desktops etc. Over a past decade, it has been observed that a huge number of web traffic is produced from mobiles and other small handy gadgets. Based on your site’s subjects, this number could go considerably higher than half of your activity.

Google demonstrates mobile-friendly websites on top in the search result. As per your website’s product and demographic, all sites should be responsive and completely mobile friendly in every manner.

In today’s time, we found that the utmost WordPress themes are now responsive by default, but, still, there are in the WordPress directory a few themes available which are not responsive.

  • Latest Features and Functionality

Technology is growing day by day at a very fast speed. As a result, if we plan to develop a WordPress website, we have to implement the finest quality of a theme to our website which is decorated with several advanced features and useful functionality. Like better buying and selling options, easy to use payment method, highly featured image gallery to view the close version of every image, and so on.

  • An updated version of a theme

A theme that you are choosing, make sure it has on its updated version because a theme with an older version and not have been updated for a long time looks not so trendy and also shows some errors at the time and after the installation. These older version themes are unable to support the features of the latest technology. An updated and latest theme is matched with the latest running trends of web design and development. Besides this, these updated themes did not show any error or and do their work brilliantly and engage more visitors with their elegant look and hassle-free usage.

  • Product Relevant Theme

While, on the second side, whoever the theme you are going to select is must be related to your website concept or product. For instance, if you are planning to build a website for healthcare products, then you have to choose a medial, pharmacy or healthcare niche theme which suits your desired product. It’s not worthy to select an irrelavent theme, like you are running a medial related business or creating a website on photography theme.

  • Paid or Free Theme

WordPress has a broad library of themes for several business purposes. A few of them are free themes and while few ones are paid as well. Well, this is another confusing term towards the website development with WordPress. As many times users may get confused about which theme is best a free theme or a paid one. The exact answer for this is, to get the better result in the building of a website buying a WordPress theme or using a paid theme is the perfect option rather than to use a free theme. A paid theme always comes with all of its features and also allows the user to use all these features. Similarly, a free theme did not allow

The users to use its full features and inner pages.

  • Plugin and Language supported.

Whenever you are choosing a WordPress theme, always remember that the theme must be multilingual. That simply means a theme must support multiple languages so a customer from any corner of the planet or belong from any other language , can easily get the information of the webpage in their native language. Apart from this, the theme you are going to select must support several WordPress plugins like social share, lightbox, slider, etc.

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