4 Amazing Ways to Spruce up your Dining Area

Decorating a home is both a fun and a draining task to do. Apart from the mental strain the financial burden of renovating a place also causes worry. Nonetheless, there are some cheat codes that can help you achieve a classic dining room without burning a hole in your pocket. There are some tips and tricks that can work wonders in giving a new breath of freshness to your dining area. So get ready to ditch the age-old boring décor and get ready to incorporate the freshness of the trendiest styles with these four great tips.

still life paintings

  • A stylish shade to your rescue:
    Lighting has great power and holds the ability to enhance the look and appeal of any place in a jiffy. In fact, lamp shades in landscape portraits and still life paintings are trending at the moment. Choose a stylish shade in a hue which complements your décor. If you can’t find one or don’t wish to invest in it, then DIY (do-it-yourself) is your buddy.
  • Show-off your collection:
    If you’ve worked hard on collecting dishes, spoons and other crockery material, then why not show it off by means of displaying it. Make a style statement by showcasing your collection in the dining area. To add an extra element of surprise, re-paint the wall in a colour which makes your collection pop out. Place wooden shelves and display your collection with pride.

still life paintings1

  • Bring in the beauty of Mother Nature:
    Adding natural elements to your dining area is a great and effective way to add that much needed boost of freshness to your space. Bring life to the space with houseplants. They aren’t just easy to maintain, but work as a perfect piece of décor for your dining area. Depending on the availability of space, you can add as many and as few as you please.
  • Nothing can beat still life paintings:
    Still life paintings are stunning and a great way to add an instant pop of colour to any boring space. Bring in vibrancy into a dull area with the power of paintings and spice things up. Artworks are a powerful tool which has the potential of elevating the appeal of an entire space. However, remember to choose only those paintings which complement the look of your existing décor.

Without spending a fortune you can spruce up your dining area. Add colour with still life paintings and breathe in the freshness of plants to give a new life to your dull-looking dining space.

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Animated Movie: Making Proposal to Clients

What’s an Animated Movie?

Video that is animated is that this brief movie which is employed to indulge your market both off line and on line. Generally the movie that is animated generally describes what product or your business is about, or what you are doing. Several organizations around the world have employed the strength of movies that were animated to simplify principles and complicated ideas to prospects and clients. It’s helped them greatly to both develop their manufacturer and improve their revenue.

Large and small businesses alike have have seen the strength of the animated explainer movies in advertising their goods, detailing complicated methods, training what they provide and do. They’ve also noticed an increase on their return-on-investment, increase in amount of prospects and customers due to the proposal that was reactive the movie are making.

You’ll find lots of phases where your explainer movie that is very changing may move through. Firstly a highly transforming movie software published by with a highly-skilled copywriter is needed by the makers of the movie. The copywriter has to be in a position to synthesize a few ideas or your revenue information in to a 150 phrases software which will talk your information plainly and to the stage.

The software that is movie is the many essential aspect in terms of explainer movie that is animated since the software may possibly make-or-break the movie. The concept must be summarized by a quality and great video software inside the about a minute cover that’s the regular length for the majority of movies. None the less, many explainer movies that are animated have a variety of 1 or 2 moments in total when mentioned, and every minute is roughly 15 phrases.

The artist produces the movie on a picture by landscape foundation for the acceptance of the consumer who desires the movie made. The acceptance of the storyboard from your client might mean the video ultimately wants to be transfer to the last stage that will be the shows phase.

What’s a movie that is animated and how can it be made? Just like I’ve stated in the subparagraph above, all these are brief animated interesting movies which can be put on a web site. The movies that were animated may also be used also be useful for Television ads to describe in a beneficial and simple way everything you do and who you are.

After you’ve guaranteed that the large and great quality voice over is prepared. The suppliers that are video then select to possess a storyboard designed to to imagine the way the movie will appear to be. In cases like this a gifted storyboard performer with all the suitable abilities to show the movie through the script is given the the duty of getting your tips alive.

After every one of the additional levels are accomplished, the ultimate movie creation stage might then begin. The phase would include animating the movie to complement together with the words over. It could not merely entail simple cartoon of the movie; the wedding needed as well as the concept to be passed must be reflected by every factor of the cartoon. The visitors should stick to the conclusion to the video. Click here :- Explainer Video

After ensuring which you have your well-crafted and well crafted software that is movie, you then need a words over on your movie. Indulge an expert words over performer or it’s possible for you to pick to get your own personal words overproduced on your own. I ‘d instead suggest a specialist performer to do the work basically as you could possibly have the proper software with all the concept that is correct however a negative or defectively noted voiceover might deliver the incorrect indicators for your market.

The copywriter should consequently make certain the concept to be handed should be to get a-one minute movie within the 15 wordcount roughly. The software should be created in this kind of method when observing the movie, the market is going to be employed perfectly. The software will need to have an extremely apparent c-all to motion that may permit the visitors to t-AKE a specific motion that is provided after observing the movie.

And following the last animated explainer video with all the structure that was proper is produced it could be submitted to some additional video-sharing website or YouTube to generate mo-Re opinions. It it is also positioned on an internet site on the obtaining webpages of the internet site for the readers.

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Gifting Concepts for Navratri

Navratri is one of the most crucial festivals in India that is celebrated with great fanfare across the length and breadth for the country. The festival is commemorated to worship the Hindu goddess, Durga. The term Navratri, actually implies ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit and the celebration continues for 9 days. The celebration holds terrific significance in West Bengal and Gujarat, it is known for its night-time events where individuals carry out the ‘Garba’ and ‘Dandiya’ dance.

You can celebrate this advantageous event by indulging your loved ones with gift products. Some of the popular gift concepts for Navratri are discussed below:

Spiritual presents

You can select a scarf or a veil with the image of the goddess to use to the holy goddess during the puja ceremony. Another popular gift item is ‘Mata ka Chattar’, which is generally a mini umbrella that is embellished with sequins and colors on it. The chattar is also used for the puja. If you don’t have any budget constraint, you can gift a silver or gold coin with the image of the goddess embossed on the coin. You can likewise have some holy text inscriptions on the coin.

Navratri gift products for kids

Kids enjoy crackers. You can purchase some mild crackers and let them have a good time with their friends rupturing crackers. Make sure that an elder individual is accompanying the kids while rupturing the crackers to make sure security. Chocolates make children happy to no end, a present package filled with assortment of chocolates would make a perfect gift item. Also, you can purchase some conventional Indian garment to add a splash of color to their celebration.

Navratri gift items for ladies

Precious jewelries play an important role in embellishing a lady and emphasizing her appeal. No matter if you are shopping a gift product for your cherished mother, spouse, sweet sibling or terrific cousins you can get a gorgeous fashion jewelry piece. Females enjoy precious jewelries in every type and Navratri comes as a great occasion to provide a goddess motivated pendant, ring or a bracelet.

The Navratri accessories can range from the standard products to the contemporary fashion devices. There is a large spectrum of choice at including belts, utensils, brooches, bags, shoes and puja items. A conventional saree, is another beautiful navratri gift item for all females. A conventional saree can make the lady look sensational and get her decked up for the Navratri 2017 Dates celebrations.

Gift products for men

Just as there are plenty of gift products for women, there are wide variety of choices for males too. You can choose a conventional ethnic wear such as pyjama kurta, dhothi kurta or an embroidery shawl.

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Adorn your home with cloth-based scroll painting: Pattachitra

The Indian soil is home to multiple kinds of art forms. With the increasing popularity of the different kinds of art, people are developing a strong liking and are moving in the direction to buy Indian art. This spectacular art form is one of the oldest and prevalent art styles of Odisha. If we talk about the origin of the name Pattachitra, then it has been drawn from joining two Sanskrit words patta, meaning canvas, and chitra, meaning picture. Hence, Pattachitra is a painting which is done on a fabricated canvas which displays rich colour schemes and designs. In most of the instances, mythological and religious figures are exhibited in these paintings.

The Pattachitra is gaining immense admiration from different parts of world. Art lovers from across the world are looking to buy Indian art pieces belonging to this category. The beauty of this art form isn’t restricted to the traditional décor of houses. In fact, Pattachitra is being excessively used by interior designers in the new age décor. If you are a fan of this but are afraid to buy Indian art in Pattachitra fearing that it won’t be able to be a part of the new age houses, then here are a few tips that can help you bring this old age beauty home.


  • Paintings:  Beautifully crafted paintings never go out of style. The rich colour scheme of Pattachitra painting can breathe life into the boring and lifeless looking blank walls. You can opt to buy Indian art paintings in Pattachitra to spruce up the plain décor. Irrespective of the place where you place it, this art form will surely add colour and freshness to that area.
  • Rugs:  Due to the vibrancy being held in the essence of this art form, it makes a perfect partner to the plain floors. The bright colours of Pattachitra complement the neutral shades of floors really well. There is so much difference which you can bring to your room just by adding a rug and a bright one will do wonders for your room.
  • Art prints:  If paintings aren’t your cup of tea, then art prints will be your buddy! These are an affordable and convenient way to include the beauty of Pattachitra art in the comfort of your home. A low maintenance article, you can buy Indian art prints in this form to breathe the feeling of liveliness into your space.

Pattachitra is a beautiful artwork which can spruce up your space in an amazing new way.

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The Truth About Crystal Deodorant

The natural cosmetics and private care product market is presently flooded with products claiming to be herbal. The best problem is that no longer all are virtually natural. due to a loophole in federal policies organizations can brand a beauty or private care product as herbal while the product is in fact complete of artificial substances and chemicals. alas, these companies go through no repercussions. it’s miles a totally unregulated time period, which makes it even greater hard to determine which products are natural and which are not. that is the case with crystal deodorants, additionally called rock deodorant and deodorant stone.

There are types of deodorant stones available available on the market, a herbal one and a synthetic one. And, as a customer of herbal deodorants you most in all likelihood choose a herbal product for the preference to avoid putting chemicals to your frame. So, it’s miles essential to teach yourself on how to inform the difference among a natural deodorant stone and a artificial deodorant stone.

The technological know-how

First, a touch heritage, natural deodorant stones are product of potassium alum herbal mineral salt. Potassium alum is a obviously happening mineral with anti-microbial homes and the capacity to behave as a pH adjuster. What this indicates is that it can create a pH environment that inhibits the increase of bacteria. As it is soluble in water, while the mineral is rubbed on moist skin an invisible layer resides on the skins surface and finally adjusts the pH stage for your pores and skin. it’s far simply innocent and does no longer penetrate into the pores and skin. It merely sits at the floor and prevents the increase of smell-causing bacteria.

seeing that potassium alum natural deodorants are so powerful at inhibiting the boom of scent-causing micro organism, organizations have located inexpensive methods to provide the active smell prevention factor aside from enduring the costly costs of mining the mineral, potassium alum. producers are actually able to developing artificial potassium alum to be used for crystal deodorant manufacturing, which gets rid of the want for mining and extracting the alum crystal mineral.

The artificial alum is chemically synthesized by means of mixing aluminum hydroxide, a beauty opacifying agent, with potassium sulfate in sulfuric acid. All that are extraordinarily abundant elements and cheap, thereby manufacturing synthetic alum at a miles less expensive cost than its natural counterpart.

the appearance

The natural mineral salt, potassium alum, occurs in nature as a drab, translucent crystalline stone. therefore, the natural deodorant stone is colorless and translucent. artificial deodorant stones are opaque and white. throughout the producing technique of the synthetic alum, aluminum hydroxide is used, which in itself is a white, opaque powder, which then creates a white, opaque deodorant stone.

The effect

Potassium alum acts as a very effective deodorant. when a pure potassium alum crystal or crystal deodorant stone is rubbed at the skin the body can stay scent loose for as much as 24 hours without using artificial substances, harmful chemical compounds or heavy fragrances. Crystal deodorant is hypoallergenic, absolutely invisible at the skin and leaves no white residue or stain or Crystal Active Natural Deodorant. The handiest factor left at the skin is a quality layer of potassium alum herbal mineral salt, that you cannot see, feel or smell.

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Deciphering the Symbolism and Meaning Associated with Lord Ganesha

In Hinduism, it is believed that all Hindu deities represent cosmic energies that are part of the Divine Universal Energy or the Supreme God-head. Lord Ganesha is called by many names to address his various abilities and qualities. As a leader of the masses, he is called Ganaraj or Ganapati and as a remover of obstacles, he is called Vighnaharta. There is a lot of symbolism and meaning associated with Ganesha paintings. In these images, the Lord Ganesha indicates man’s striving quest to be in balance and integrate with nature and his surroundings.

Ganesha Paintings

In various paintings, the Lord is depicted with a large elephant head. His large elephant head indicates that the Lord rules the intellect (Buddhi). It also symbolizes auspiciousness, strength and intellectual prowess. Also, in every Ganesha painting, he is shown with large ears. As the leader of masses, the Lord listens to everyone’s prayers, requests, and pleadings. Also, the winnow like ears sifts the good from the bad. His small eyes indicate the power of concentration, which is one of the attributes as well as expression of a well-developed intellect. His small mouth indicates reservation in speech i.e. the Lord is more action oriented and would rather do than speak. The trunk of Lord Ganesha represents flexibility. It also indicates discrimination ability of the good from bad. Proper discrimination is the most important quality of a well-developed intellect. The sweets (modak) depicted in Ganesha paintings indicate reward and blessings of offering prayers and conducting a spiritual practice. They also symbolize the sweetness of a realized inner-awakening. In most paintings, a prayer offering (prasad) is usually shown near the feet of the lord. It indicates that the entire world is at its feet for asking. His large stomach indicates his enhanced ability to assimilate, i.e. digest all the good and bad of this world.

In most spiritual Ganesha paintings, the lord is shown with four arms. His one hand is usually in the mudra of giving the blessing. In the second hand, he holds sweets. In the third hand, he holds a noose, indicating that the worldly desires are a noose which prevents a man from obtaining the supreme bliss of an inner-awakened self. And, in the fourth hand, he holds the elephant goad through which he prods man to follow the path of supreme self-realization. Using the goad, he strikes and repels all obstacles and obstructions. In most Ganesha paintings, a serpent is shown tied at the waist of the deity. In its negative connotation, a serpent represents the desires which the Lord helps control and curtail. In its positive connotation, the serpent represents the Kundalini energy. As a Sidhhi, Ganesha has accomplished and mastered Kundalini energy.

These are some of the most common symbolism and meanings associated with Lord Ganesha.

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Perfect Cake Designing With Edible Ink

Food colouring is the main ingredient of edible ink and is found to be an interesting innovation being made in the cake manufacturing industry, recently. The photo image that you have done on the icing of a cake is made of edible ink. This ink is used for perfect cake designing that is manufactured and marketed under several famous brands like Epson, Canon or Hewlett-Packard. All these edible inks are approved by the Food and Drug Administration authorities and are safe to eat. You can get these edible inks through online or from the retail market.

Edible ink and its uses

You can often find edible ink being used on pastry products. However, its major use is found in cake designing, which goes perfect with edible ink image printed on it. Customizing and personalizing your cake is another aspect that you can appreciate nowadays. Most of the people search for bakeshops that can offer them personalized cakes having perfect designs made on it with edible inks. Images using edible inks are printed on edible paper that reveals perfect designs. Birthday cakes can have perfectly designed images, which are photo printed withedible ink. Even traditional wedding cakes can be offered to you with perfect designing of images with edible ink to your satisfaction. Usage of edible ink is not limited to just wedding or birthday cakes. However, it is found in candies, cupcakes and cookies as well. These items are decorated by using a variety of picture designs printed with edible ink.

frosting sheets

Designing of pre-printed perfect images

Pastries, cakes, cookies are considered as confectionary products. You can create perfect designs of pre printed images with edible ink. This process is known as edible ink printing and is widely used in bakery industry, worldwide. Edible image designs can either be pre-printed or can be developed on an edible printer with perfect designs. These printers are specialty devices through which you can transfer perfectly designed image onto a thin paper. This item is known as an edible paper made out sugar and starch. You can further print the image on to the cake or any confectionary item using edible ink. Perfectly designed edible images have been approved by the Food and drugs administration with certification. Images of perfect design and high quality can be achieved through these pre-printed images. You can observe clarity in colour as well. There is resistance to colour bleeding even on applications containing high moisture.

Edible paper

This paper is popular for its usage in edible ink printing. Initially rice paper was used for this purpose, but modern versions of edible paper make use of frosting sheets. Without any bad effects on your digestive system, you can consume this edible paper. Normally, you do not find any flavour, but can observe little texture on it. This paper gets dissolved rapidly when it is brought in contact with moist frosting. The end result that you see is that the image depicting normally a photograph on the paper appears and this is printed on the icing with perfect designs. It is always recommended to use edible ink only for designing images on cake. Some of the edible inks produced are in the form of powder as well. This powdered form of ink is easily soluble in water and can be used as edible ink. Here, the quality of the ink is also maintained.


With edible ink and paper, you can develop perfectly designed images that can be printed on your cake. Regardingprinting devices most popular and trusted brands of printers are available today in the market. You can get your cake perfectly designed and decorated with images using edible ink.

Get more information about edible ink, Visit our website: Edible-Ink-Cartridges

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Landscape Paintings Online – Easiest Way to Buy Paintings Online

buy paintings online

India has been regarded as a land of beautiful landscape. It is undeniably possesses mesmerizing and captivating natural beauty. The natural panorama of trees, flowers, forests, mountains, valleys, lakes, beaches or sunset has always been beautifully portrayed in the Indian art painting by the distinguished artists, since time immemorial.

Captivating beauty of nature has always been a spring of inspiration for Indian artists. Interestingly, would say that Indian contemporary art, modern art and traditional art have been widely known among the general populace for their exceptional and inimitable appeal and ethnic distinctiveness. There are numerous of art collectors who are passionate about Indian art painting because of their customary and artistic values.

Indian painters have time and again been attracted by the beauty of India. Therefore, since prehistoric times painters have fashioned magnum opus on landscapes. Indian contemporary landscape art can be defined as the paintings that reflect nature’s beauty in an articulate manner. The works of art are magnificent manifestation of skies, sun, moon, stars, rivers, greeneries and seas on the canvas. The compelling picturesque attractiveness of India from Kashmir valley to Kanyakumari enthralled the artists to create striking paintings.

However, if you look back at prehistoric time you will find that plethora of beautiful paintings have been created by the artists depicting the picturesque beauty of India. In modern contemporary landscape paintings, on the other hand, the artists include both the natural and urban structures in the artwork. For instance, monuments built during Mughal Empire have motivated many distinguished artists to sketch splendid paintings. The piece of artwork is pictorial beauties that can be simply seen in the homes nowadays.

With the passage of time, landscape painting has become increasingly admired mainly due to country’s stunning geography and amazing monuments. India is rich reserves of the extraterrestrial collection of landscape paintings as well as sketches, these paintings primarily made through acrylic or oil paints on canvas, charcoal on paper and water color. These paintings are typically prepared on medium, such as walls, paper and canvas.

Paintings created by talented artists with the use of their canvas stands, paints, boards and brushes have been significant replacement of the photographs years back when camera wasn’t invented . Art form showcased at any art gallery clearly reveals the accurate carbon copy of the attractive spots. Additionally, would say that these even reflect fantastic imaginative skills of the artists.

In this new era of technology, numerous of individuals use cameras to capture the attractive splendor of the nature. Nevertheless landscape paintings still hold a special place in the heart of art collectors and lovers. Believe me there is no dearth of art lovers in India and even outside who are ready to pay millions of dollars to buy paintings online from art gallery.

If you are looking out for different forms of art painting like modern, landscape, pop, and abstract, then get in touch with our team of professionals. Browse through wide collection in the art gallery and buy paintings online.

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Miniature Indian Paintings: The Art of Prehistoric India

The art, culture and lifestyle of prehistoric and medieval India are finely represented through the medium of miniature Indian paintings. The inclination for religious conviction, spirituality and majestic nobility is flamboyantly exemplified in this form of artwork.

Although, miniature form of Indian paintings had an inherent magnificence and uniqueness that made them stand out of the crowd. The regional artists through this form of painting try to narrate the stories of the bygone empires. Moreover, the highlight of these paintings is the elaborate and subtle brush strokes, which reflects a distinctive identity. The colours used by the artists are mainly handmade, that is made from minerals, vegetables, valuable stones, indigo, conch shells, pure gold and silver. The most common theme that artists paint comprises of the Ragas i.e., the musical codes of Indian classical songs. If you look back into history, then you will find that there were numerous of miniature schools in the country, including those of Mughals, Rajputs and the Deccan.

Let’s have a quick glance at origin and evolution of Miniature Indian Paintings.

History of Miniature Indian paintings

The development of Miniatures Indian paintings took place initially in the Western Himalayas, around the 17th century. This form of artwork was highly influenced by the mural art that came into being during the second half of the 18th century. All through this time of the Mughals, Muslim monarchs of the Deccan and Malwa as well as the Hindu Rajas of Rajasthan, this art thrived to pretty great extent. In fact, the Mughals were accountable for making Persian custom more prominent in thes Miniature Indian paintings. The credit for western impact can be attributed to the Muslim monarchs.

Key themes used in Miniature Indian paintings by the artists

That’s the most interesting part of these types of paintings. Undoubtedly, themes always play a critical role in a painting. In miniature Indian paintings, the artists usually try to portray different scenes from Indian epics and religious books, such as The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, The Bhagvata Purana, Git-gobinda, Surasagar, Rasamanjiri and much more. Metaphors from traditional stories, classical music cyphers and majestic court sights were also exquisitely exemplified in the paintings. Glass, fabric, marble, paper, silk, velvet, leather and ivory panels largely used by the artist as the canvas for the paintings.

This unusual form of Indian paintings was mainly practiced and supported by some of the most prominent school of paintings specifically The Deccan Schools, The Rajput and the Mughal Schools.

The Rajput School of Miniature Indian paintings basically imbibed stimulation from the Krishna traditional stories. In these paintings, the artists had tried to put emphasis more on the man and woman bond. They were artistic depiction of their sentiment, love and desire. For instance, the lovemaking scenes of Lord Krishna and Divinity Radha are some of the handpicked illustrations of the paintings.

The Mughal School of Miniature Indian Paintings mainly reflected Persian inspiration on them. The artists majorly concentrated on court scenes, imperial depictions, natural scenes and sceneries.

The Deccan School of Miniature Indian Paintings came into being as sort of hybrid artwork form amalgamation of different panaches of painting. The paintings demonstrated enthusiastic and intrepid themes those mainly had impact of Turkish and Persian culture.

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How to Collect Art Cautiously?

Indian art collectors

With emergence of artists and artistic styles, art collectors are also increasing. Art is now considered as more of an investment amid Indian art collectors. Online portals have been established to reflect the work of numerous young and talented artists. By this platform, artists can reach a much wider audience and there works can be acclaimed internationally. This is increasing sales of their art pieces and encouraging artists to come out with more trends and exceptional techniques. Digital age has led to formation of meaningful relationship between art lovers and artists. Art galleries around the globe have started to display work of artists and showcase different artistic designs varying from traditional to modern and contemporary paintings.

Indian art collectors must have good knowledge about how to buy art. They must have awareness on all artistic styles which exist. Having love and admiration for art is not enough. You must know how much a painting could be worth of before you get manipulated and brainwashed by owners of art galleries.

It must have happened that after you choose your favorite painting, you go dicey about purchasing it or not. There are following ways you could help yourself in being decisive about buying art.

Gain knowledge about the artist

Often friends, family and other art collectors can provide you details about the artists so that you are assured about whose paintings to buy. Plus, you can also avail information about the artists by directly contacting them or getting details from the dealer itself. In case, the online portals do not provide any written information, you can always look about them on internet. You can find database of artist and know about his previous works. You must check reviews and testimonials of a website which are also updated on websites. You can determine the quality of work or website, if people have given better reviews. According to the achievements of artist, you can estimate the price of the artwork. Plus, the experience or how long he has been in the field also tells much about the artist.

Know the art piece

Out of all the choices in the gallery, it is tough to decide which painting to purchase. Indian art collectors must go through all the range of art styles and techniques that the artist has employed. You can get to know if the art work made using a machine or is hand-made. Isn’t it enthralling to know all intricacies of the art?

Know the incidental details

Gain information about the biography of artist so that you can know what all came into the mind of artist and what the art depicts. Get to know if it has been influenced by his own life or from outside. Make artist tell you if that art piece has been exhibited before or not.

Famous Indian art collectors naming Harsh Goenka and Tina Ambani have been in news for their beautiful collections. Art lovers along with a deep craze need to be cautious in picking their favorite art work.

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