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Benefits of Buying Art Online

Today art lovers are willing to purchase online and considering buying art a reliable option. New and young talented artists from around the world display their artworks on different web portals. The... Read more »

Knowing Genres of Modern Paintings

Discrete forms of art exist in India. This includes plastic arts like pottery, sculptures and other three-dimensional styles; visual arts which include movies, music, paintings, poetry, literature etc; and textile art which... Read more »
Miniature Painting

Describing the Classification of Historical Remains

Indian art is diversified into plastic, visual and textile arts. The way the design is created gives a sense that it is an Indian art. With time, religious and cultural influences kept... Read more »
famous abstract art

Why Landscape Paintings and Abstract Art are Appealing to the Eye?

Back in our school days, landscape art used to be a common style for one and all. No wonder that today it is a most popular genre of paintings worldwide. In the... Read more »

New ‘Ceramic and Glass Industrial Zone’ in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the developed states in India. The ‘Rajasthan Industrial and Investment Corporation’ or RIICO is soon going to add another feather in the cap. The department is all set... Read more »
Kathputli’ or ‘Puppets’ of Rajasthan

History of ‘Kathputli’ or ‘Puppets’ of Rajasthan

‘Kathputli’ or Puppets are one of the art traditions which is not only old but very rich in content. Kathputli dance or show can be the references of Rajasthani ballads, local folk... Read more »

Pickle and Spices are the Essence of Rajasthani Foods

Rajasthani foods are famous in the world arena and in most of the cases foods are been made by special spices and other ingredients. Here in this blog, we shall discuss about... Read more »

Get to Know Rajasthan Artists

The princely state of Rajasthan is well known for its rich art and culture. Each region in the state has got a unique differentiator to speak about and showcase to the world.... Read more »

Phad Paintings: Mewar Style of Paintings

Phad painting is the most ancient style of painting in Rajasthan. Also known as Mewar style of painting, it has always been a part of an elaborate ritualistic song and dance performance... Read more »

Spellbinding Work of Lacquer & Filigree in Various Forms

Lacquer and Filigree Work is counted among the most captivating art works in the entire state of Rajasthan. This special art work of Rajasthan can be found in the form of Lac... Read more »